Saturday August 15th

The Annual Classic Moves To Oregon

Since 2002 Sound RIDER! has run the 3 Pass BLA$T time/speed/distance (TSD) ride in the North Cascades of Washington state. The event is a throwback to the TSD events that began in 1910 with riders making a two day loop from Seattle to Mt. Rainier and back.

After running the event in Washington State for six years we thought it was time to move it to another area of the Northwest. We're pleased to announce the 2009 3 Pass BLA$T will be run through the lower Cascades in Oregon with riders departing out of Sun River and finishing some 200 miles later in Sisters.

Along the way riders will cross over 3 mountain passes. Two actually exist on the books today as passes and one we made up because as a land feature it actually is a pass, but because it doesn't involve a county line it's not considered a pass by today's standards.

Above: A look at the final stretch of road that leads to the final checkpoint of the 2009 3 Pass BLA$T!

Along the way riders will be indulged in breath taking views of The Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor. Midway through the ride will involve one of the most admired motorcycling roads in the Northwest. The final stretch will include a romp across a young lava field with a stop at a stunning observatory.

One of the three passes is known to be closed now and then and we're ready for that with an alternate route over a different pass. No one will know until they reach the entrance to the final pass if they will have to use the alternate pass.


It was1910 when the Seattle Motorcycle Club sponsored the first "Endurance" motorcycle event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Riding from Seattle's Pioneer Square to Mt. Rainier and returning to Seattle in two days, each rider began with 1000 points. The event was based on a number of variables including losing points for arriving before or after the predetermined time allocation the ride was said to have taken - the absolute time it would take to complete the route within the legal limits. Winners were awarded cash, tires, goggles and even gold. The event continued through the teens and eventually disappeared into history.


The goal is to ride the route as close to the absolute time as possible. The absolute time is based on the distance and the time it would take to ride it at the legal speed limit (white speed limit signs only). All participants begin with 1000 points. Riders depart the check in station at Sun River (Café Sintra) with their ride card being marked with their time out. As they arrive at each checkpoint cards are marked with their arrival time. We add two 15 minute rest stops and a one hour lunch to the route and calculate them into final absolute time. The final route will not be revealed until you check in.


  • 1 point is subtracted for each minute a rider arrives late at the final checkpoint, up to the first 30 minutes.
  • 5 points are subtracted for each minute a rider arrives late at the final checkpoint, beyond the first 30 minutes arrival.
  • 1 point is subtracted for each minute a rider arrives early at any checkpoint, up to the first 5 minutes.
  • 5 points are subtracted for each minute a rider arrives early at any checkpoint, beyond the first five minutes of arrival.


Prizes will be awarded in the following categories.

  • Best Vintage Time - $50 (only bikes 20 years or older qualify)
  • Best Senior Time - $50 (open to riders 55 years of age and older)
  • Best Three Wheel Time - $50 (sidecars, trikes, MP3s or Can Ams)
  • Best Time Segment 1 - $50
  • Best Time Segment 2 - $50
  • Best Time Segment 3 - $50
  • Best Time Segment 4 - $50

Winners will be announced in the September issue of Sound RIDER! along with the overall standings for each participant.

Registration & Check-In

Advance registration is available online now for $35. Registration the day of is $50. If you plan to ride two up your riding partner does not need to be registered but will need to sign our event waiver none the less.

Riders may check in at Café Sintra, 4 N Ponderosa Road, in Sun River Oregon between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. At that time you will receive the route information pack with all directions and the route map. Last rider out at 9:15.


It's recommended you stay near Sun River on Friday night so you're ready to check in on time Saturday Morning. There are many motels in nearby Bend, and condos are available for renting in Sun River. Us your search skills on the internet to find your way.

Camping with showers is available at nearby Tumalo State Park and La Pine State Park.

We expect most riders will complete the ride by late afternoon. Your best bet for Saturday night, should you decide to stay in the area would be moteling it in nearby Bend or Redmond. Another interesting diversion would be a short ride north to Kee-Ne-Tah Hot Springs resort for a stay at the hotel there, or camping in a Tee Pee. Reservations are highly recommended. It's an excellent facility with a full pool and a very clean mineral spring fed modern day hot tub.

TO REGISTER CLICK HERE NOW! CLOSED - You may sign up Saturday morning at 8:30 am at Cafe Sintra in Sun River.


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