Scoring & The Absolute Time

What Is Absolute Time?

Absolute time is the time to meet, not beat.  Absolute time is determined to be the time it takes to complete the route at the legal speed limit and meet the following criteria:

You have the clues.  The actual Absolute Time will not be made public until 3 pm at the October 8th Awards event at Café Veloce.


All riders* begin with 800 Points. Total possible points are 1,000

Above Photo: Wind power plays a role in our 50 point bonus question this year.  You'll receive the bonus question with your route pack when you register.

Optional Photos

All riders may include the following three optional printed photos.  Each photo must include the rider, the motorcycle ridden, and the landmark sign in the photo.  Click on the samples below to see exactly how to set up your photos when you're on the route.

Photo 1
Value: 50 Points
Location: Rill Foods, Thorp
Photo 2
Value: 50 Points
Location: Whistlin' Jacks, Cliffdell
Photo 3
Value: 50 Points
Geenwater General Store, Greenwater

 * The 3 Pass Blast is only open to riders who possess a legal motorcycle endorsement.