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Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

February 28 th, 2001 was a day most residents of Puget Sound won't forget – The Nisqually earthquake. Since then the state capitol has had a facelift, new businesses are popping up all over and many existing businesses throughout the area have been revamping. Historically that's a common occurrence following a natural disaster.

The Motorcycle business is no exception and seriously on the move in the Olympia area. Here's a glance at some of the latest developments.

Northwest Harley Davidson – NW Harley is moving to a new location just off I-5 in Lacey northeast of Olympia. This will provide the dealer a larger location and the same kind of presence along I-5 that Skagit Harley, Destination Harley and Downtown all enjoy.

South Sound Honda – South Sound Honda has been in the midst of a remodel for a few months now. During a recent visit we found one of the owners, Jeff Reiner, slinging a hammer alongside the contract crew in an effort to wrap up a larger upstairs showroom and Parts department. As for service, they've moved downstairs into new digs that provide a fresh space to work in and easier load in of bikes and quads. "We're removing the center offices and placing them along the sides of the building which will provide a far more open showroom than we had in the past," says South Sound's Vicki Gray. The Parts and Accessories department alone will double in size.

Speaking of a whole lot of shakin goin on at South Sound Honda, the dealer had 18 motorcycles stolen in late January. So far 7 have been recovered. Authorities say 8 are known to have been sold to a single individual.

Cycle Mart – Lacey's Cycle Mart has been busy adding lines. They now carry Aprilia, KTM, Triumph, Victory and most recently finished up a deal to bring in Kawasaki. While the dealership isn't contemplating any remodels at this time, one has to wonder how long it will be before this 'bustin-at-the-seams' shop will need a larger space. "Time will tell" says owner Michael Hail "we'll have to see what Kawasaki does for us and just all that's involved with both the needs for floor space in both Sales and Service."

Moto Guzzi is searching for a new dealer in the South Sound region having recently parted ways with Vince's Cycle along Martin Way. Stay tuned.

More Shakin to the North

There's more going on to the north as well.

Hinshaw's is nearing completion of their new location across the street from their current store in Auburn.

Renton Motorcycles RMC is wrapping up construction on a 40,000 square foot location in the old HomeBase digs in Renton. Look for an indoor dirt track run by Mickey Fay to be adjoined to the building as well as a restaurant facility to be located in the upstairs area of the 100,000 plus square foot building recently acquired by Oregon auto/motorcycle tycoon, Bob Lanphere.

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