Ye Old Holiday Wish List 2002

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Ye Old Holiday Wish List 2002

A suggested wish list of goodies put together by the Sound RIDER! sponsors and editorial Staff.

Print this out, circle the items you want, fill in the blanks, hand it to your Santa and start prayin!

snapshot 51. An Eastside Custom Tour available through Eastside Harley-Davidson. The ride I would like to go on is:


2. A Nikwax Waterproofing Pak available through the Sound RIDER! Store. I wear (circle one) Leather Textile gear.

3. I'd like the following parts on my motorcycle coated by the folks at Performance Coatings : __________________________________________

4. Like everyone else, I could use some improvement in my riding skills. Please get me the David Hough riding skills books available in the Sound RIDER! store.

5. I recently got a nasty traffic citation and would like to be represented by top attorney, Jeannie Mucklestone .

6. Harley's Harley's and Harley's are the top three things I think about most. The Sound RIDER! store is full of books about Harley's written by local author Greg Field.

7. My bike is ready for a new paint job. Please book an appointment for me at Custom Classics in Lynwood.

8. I'm tired of everyone pulling left hand turns in front of me when I'm riding. I'd like a Kisan Headlight and Taillight combo kit from the Sound RIDER! store. This would be for my (year)________ (make) _____________________ (model) _________________________

9. It's getting colder, but I'm ready to ride all year. I need some Gerbing Heated clothing which is sold at Ride West . I need a (circle all that apply and fill in your size) Jacket _____ Pants _____ Gloves_____ Socks_____ Thermostat.
We can deliver your motorcycle to you! Please contact us for details.

10. I'd like to rent one of the bikes in the fleet at Mountain to Sound Motorcycle Adventures for a few days.

11. Chrome, chrome and more chrome please. I understand it can be had at significant savings at the Cycle Barn Outlet Center in Lynnwood.

12. I'm tired of spending money on film cameras. Please purchase me one of the iClick cameras through the Sound RIDER! store. The price is right and they're small enough to fit in my tank bag.

13. My butt hurts after a few hours of riding. How about a custom seat appointment from either Rich's Custom Upholstery or Mac's in Seattle.        

14. I love to ride in Washington, but I could use a few tips about where all the great roads are. There's a great new book called Destination Highways Washington that would be just perfect.

15. I'll make it simple. Just get me a new motorcycle from (list your favorite dealer here) ____________________________. I would like a (make)_________________ (model) ________________________________.

16. I love Italian food and Italian motorcycles. I'd like a gift certificate from Café Veloce in Kirkland.

17. I love American Food and anything motorcycles. I'd like a gift certificate from The Shop Café in Auburn.

18. It's too cold to ride, but I love adventure. This winter it would be nice to curl up with a copy of or Keith Thye's Moto Raid .

19. I can't seem to remember to turn off my turn signal when I ride. A Kisan Turn Signal Cancelor is just what the doctor ordered.

20. Forget all the things on this list. Just give me a big hug and a kiss.

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