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Pacific Northwest Track Day

Jason Pridmore to make a rare teaching appearence

Track days are all the rage in the Pacific Northwest. But it's not often a rider with cache arrives to teach locally. If you're not doing anything July 29-30, 2017, you might want to register for a track day featuring Jason Pridmore that's being put on by CC TrackEvents/MotoVixens.

The misconception about track days is it's for racers, however, where can a motorcycle rider go to learn and hone their skills without fear of an unfortunate meeting with law enforcement, be provided a controlled environment with lack of obstacles and debris and know that should something unpleasant happens, help is right there?

Let's face it, modern day motorcycles are incredibly powerful machines which many of us will only use a fraction of their actual potential no matter how hard we think we are pushing it. Doesn't it make sense to seek some instruction to learn how to manage these bikes and have the expertise to maneuver them? We think so. CC Track/Events track days and events are designed to allow maximum track time by limiting riders per session. They aim for 25 riders per session, but will max out at 30 riders giving them the opportunity to have instructors help students and get personalized attention for what their goals may be for the day.

At the end of July, CC TrackEvents/MotoVixens is bringing Jason Pridmore to the Pacific Northwest for a two day event where he brings his expertise and a lifetime of riding, racing and coaching experience. Jason started his extensive coaching career as a teenager with his father, Reg Pridmore, 3 time AMA Superbike Champion. His extensive resume includes multiple AMA class championships, as well as multiple FIM world endurance championships.

Jason's main focus is to teach fundamentals and hone the rider's skills no matter what level a rider they may be. Jason also brings his current protégés in MotoAmerica, Caroline Olsen and Benny Solis, with others dependent on scheduling.

There will be raffles each day including a set of Dunlop tires, gift certificates for HustleHard Racing, certificates for free setups from KFG Motorsports, gift cards from Cycle Gear, and Cyclewipes giveaways for people who attend the classroom session.

Why should you go? Carol Carpenter, the founder of CC Track Events puts it this way. "JP and I believe that fundamentals are the foundation to a sound rider who is able to troubleshoot on the fly and has the knowledge necessary to make the best decision for each situation. My goal in bringing Jason up was to provide the PNW riders the ability to be coached by someone of his caliber and insight for our sport. Having the convenience to be able to do it all on their own bikes, at one of their home tracks, so they would come back to practice, slowly gain confidence and speed as they become more comfortable with how to interact with their machines."

Spaces are limited, for more information visit: www.motovixens.com.

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