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Ride to the Pig

Looking for a way to raise money for the nonprofit of your choice? Ride to the Pig could be just the thing.

What is Ride to the Pig? It’s a charity ride where the group with the most riders and passengers gets $1,000 donated to the charity of their choice. Why pig? Because the Minimus Maximus food truck will be there to feed your group once you arrive.

Like any other event there are a few rules. You can find a complete list at the link below but here are the basics:

Groups have to show up at the pig between noon and 3pm to be counted, they need to have a way to identify themselves as part of the group, 2 and 3 wheeled street legal and licensed motorcycles are counted but no other vehicles will be acceptable, and charities must be legally-registered nonprofit organizations.

Where does the ride start? That’s up to the group leader. If you’re coming from far away, you can start at a location that works the best for the riders of your group. The only requirement for route is that you end your ride (or at least stop) at the Pig to be counted. Pretty easy, eh?

So get your group together, make it as big as you can, register your group and plan your trip to earn some money for a good cause!

You can learn about the rules, what counts as a group, ask questions, and register your group here:

Looking for other events? South Sound Motorcycles has a lot going on from July 19th through August 2nd to celebrate their anniversary and Ducati Grand Opening:

July 19th– Day of Dirt Vendor Fair – with Touratech and Backcountry Discovery Route. Food Truck: Charlie’s Buns N Stuff.

August 2nd– Ducati Grand Opening —Special Ducati Day with all giveaways and promotions focused on Ducati. Specialists from Schuberth North America will be joining them for the day. Live Music: The Pop Cycle Food Truck: Auto Pompa.

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