Rally in the Gorge

10? - Nah - Make it 12 Reasons to go in 2010

Now in it's 8th year, The Sound RIDER! Rally in the Gorge is a once a year celebration of some of the best riding and events in the Northwest. Riders from all over the US and Canada convene for this five day extravaganza aimed at the sport bike, sport touring, dual sport and maxi scooter communities. There are many who have said - "I've always wanted to go, but I have yet to make it there." As the rally progresses each year, the schedule gets more robust, the events get richer and the flavor just gets bolder. Sounds like a good cup of rally? You bet! 2010 is set to be a great year for this event and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Wind Your Way to Unsurpassed Riding - There are few places in the US and Canada that can match the Columbia River Gorge when it comes to the many miles of twisties that make up this area. No need to ride a hundred miles to get to a great set of corners when they're waiting for you just outside the fairgrounds where the rally is held. Take in our numerous suggested rides Wednesday and Thursday and, if you're up for it, ride all 200 miles of the Tucker Rocky Fun Run on Friday and enjoy an entirely different route on Saturday. Between what Mother Nature carved out and what the genius road engineers structured around it, you'll never get this much great riding in one place anywhere else in the Northwest. Dual sport riders are provided their own map sets that include many Forest Service and county gravel roads. You like to ride? This is the rally to do it at!
  2. Learn from Top Name Guest Speakers and Instructors - The lineup of guest speakers includes a number of top-rated authors and educators unmatched at any annual Northwest rally event. This year's lineup includes Lee Parks (Total Contol, Suspension Handbook), AMA Hall of Famer David Hough (Proficient Motorcycling series, Street Strategies), Bret Tkacs (Owner and lead educator for Puget Sound Safety), Ramey "Coach" Stroud (owner of Cascade Endurance Center/ridecoach.com) and Tom Mehren (Sound RIDER! publisher and author of numerous Northwest riding books). A chance to learn from each of these educators all in one place is worth the price of admission alone. All clinics and seminars are at your option.
  3. Soak in the Spectacular Setting - The Rally in the Gorge is the only rally in the Northwest held in a National Scenic Area. The area is close to three volcanoes, numerous rivers, stunning geologic topography, fascinating man made structures dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and a wealth of renowned museums and interpretive centers. Crisp morning sunrises and blazing red sunsets are par for the course this time of year. And at night the stars come out in full glory. Whatever your fancy, there's something for everyone in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.
  4. Dine on Fantastic Food - The promoters are working with a new food provider this year who is creating a delicious, healthy and nutritious lineup of on-site food that will be available throughout the event. In addition, the town of Stevenson has a number of tasty restaurants.

    On Saturday they're laying out delectable breakfast and dinner buffets that are included in the price of admission.

    Can't go ride in North Africa this year. Not a problem - we'll bring it to you. Saturday nights dinner will be a fabulous spread of Moroccan specialties including meat skewers, breads, dips, fruits, vegetables and Dukkah!! Our sources tell us Dukkah has never been served at a rally in North America - ever!
  5. Ride a Piece of History - This is the only rally in the Northwest that puts you on a piece of history, the Historic Maryhill Loops Road. Perhaps you've seen it from atop Highway 97 as it serpentines its way up the canyon below. "How do I get on that road?" many ask. Enjoy it as much as you like on Saturday afternoon during the rally. A limited clinic is available Saturday morning (separate admission fee applies).
  6. Experience the Latest Innovations - Vendors this year will include Happy Trails, Lee Parks Designs, Sound RIDER!, Ride West BMW, Corrazo Design, Kymco and many others. As part of your registration, you'll get to peruse the latest innovations in motorcycle luggage, touring gear, clothing and much more first hand.

    And since it's a multi-day event, you'll have plenty of time to get to know the vendors and make sure their wares are right for you.
  7. Enjoy Fun Evening Entertainment - Evenings at the rally are a three-ring circus with a multitude of guest speakers, visual presentations and don't forget the Friday and Saturday door prize giveaways rich with great items you could win. The lineup for this year's MotoFlixFest, which continues each night of the rally, is sure to put a grin on your face. The onsite beer garden will feature a number of Northwest microbrews and wine selections.
  8. Bid at the Silent Auction - The Silent Auction, held throughout the event, includes lots of great gear, accessories and gift certificates for local lodging and events. Place your bid and you may get a steal of a deal on any of the aforementioned. Monies raised go to support our Gorge Kids Explorer Fund which provides support toward educating local children about the area in which they live.
  9. Meet New Friends - Many a past-attendee has arrived not knowing a soul and ridden away with a number of new friends and acquaintances. The Rally in the Gorge is your place to come connect with like-minded riders who enjoy the same sport and specific interests as you do in real time.
  10. Escape the Norm - If you're one of those who attends the same rally year after year, you might be ready for something new. Make this the year you break away! With so many great places to ride, we don't repeat the same routes, clinics, food and events year after year. Those who return each year know this and enjoy an entirely new rally each year.
  11. Breaking News - South Sound Motorcycles will be providing test rides on select BMW and Ural models Thursday and Friday. Don't miss out!
  12. Double Treat - Several of our Guest Speakers will pair up for some very intriguing debates about riding skills, gear and otherwise. Are two heads better than one? You bet and it only happens at the Rally in the Gorge.

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