Sportbike Northwest

If you haven’t noticed the ad we’ve been running at the bottom of Sound RIDER! for the last few months, this may be the first you’ve heard. We’re putting on what may be the largest sportbike rally in the Northwest, appropriately called Sportbike Northwest.

Details about the event are located at

This is shaping up to a be a great weekend for sport riding and sport touring in the Northwest. Much of the weekends events are outlined in the link above.

A few important notes are as follows


Have you got a group of ten or more who would like to attend? We’re knocking $10 per person off the rate if you get your registrations to us now. Simply get together the ten names and give us a call at 206-329-7808. You’ll be able to pay by phone using a credit card. We’ll need your registrations by July 31st and you can print out the PDF registration just by clicking the link on the registration page of the SBNW site.


We need a few good people to work with us over the weekend. Tasks will be for one day only, and you’ll get free admission for the whole weekend just by being a volunteer. We need people to help on the front desk, the poker run checkpoints, and campground cleanup after the event is over. To become a volunteer simply register for Sportbike Northwest, note that you want to be a Volunteer in the comment column, pay the registration fee and wait to be contacted by us. If you are selected to be a volunteer your registration will refunded to you on the morning of September 7th.

In the coming months there will be a number of features leading up to the event so stay tuned.

We’re thrilled to announce that AMA has agreed to sanction the event and Kawasaki has signed on as a sponsor. They will be the main presenters for the Poker Run.

One critical note is that if you plan to ride in Oregon that weekend (one of the Poker Runs goes through Mt. Hood and along 97), proof of insurance is required by their state patrol so plan accordingly.

Stay tuned for more.

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