Classic motorcycle collections in the Pacific Northwest

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Classic motorcycle collections in the Pacific Northwest

Where the old bikes are

From time to time, we do get our large museum exhibits of old bikes here in the Northwest. But they are few and far in between, and when they occur they may only last a few months. Regardless, there are a number of old bike collections one can view at just about any time of year. In the winter you might hold out for some sunshine, or simply take off in the car to see what we've got out here.

Above: This classic pair of AJS motorcycles from 1938 and 1924 reside in the collection of Oregon's Western Antique Airplane and Auto Museum in Hood River. WAAAM has more than 40 classic bikes on display at any given time.

But before you take off, be sure to check in with each location and insure they'll be open when you get there. We've included website links to help you with that, but a phone call to double-check never hurts. It's also important to note that bikes we note as in the collection may or may not be on display when you arrive. Some of the locations noted are motorcycle dealers shops. Don't expect an entry fee, but don't expect a docent to greet you either.


The Yanke Motor Museum - Idaho collections seem to come and go. This is the latest newcomer and includes not only motorcycles, but other motorsports relics including snowmobiles and watercraft. And then there's all the classic cars and trucks on hand as well as the historical industrial stuff like firetrucks and otherwise. They're a tad behind on 21st century marketing, so use a search engine to find out more details, since as of this writing they do not have a website established.

The Yanke Motor Museum - Boise, ID


Bill's Motorcycles Plus - If you own a lot of motorcycles and you just happen to own a motorcycle store, it makes sense you'll probably store most of your collection at the store. Welcome to Bill's Motorcycles Plus of Salems where a number of the employees keep their harems on had at the store for viewing by the public.

Bill's Motorcycles Plus - Salem, OR

The Bob Lanphere Collection (2 locations) - When Oregon auto mogul, Bob Lanphere Sr. passed away in 2015, he had amassed quite a collection of several hundred motorcycles over 50 years. The family continues to share that collection with the public today. While it's not possible to share the entire collection all at once, bikes are changed out in two locations several times a year. Those locations include Beaverton Honda (automobiles) and Beaverton Motorcycles. For hours more information, visit the stores' websites.

Beaverton Motorcycles - Tigard, OR
Beaverton Honda - Beaverton, OR

Kelly's Olympian - In the heart of downtown Portland, lies one of the oldest bar/restaurant outposts in the Pacific Northwest. Starting life back in 1902, there was neary a motorcycle on the road at the time. But today this historical landmark houses a dozen fully restored bikes as well as photos and other memorabilia.

Kelly's Olympian - Portland, OR

Motosport Hillsboro - Nice collection of more than fifty vintage and current bikes from the 60's to the present. Primary display focus is on racing, but they do hold serial #0000001 of the Honda Rhune in the collection for you metric cruiser nuts.

Motosport Hillsboro - 809 NE 28th Ave Hillsboro, OR

Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum - Opened in Spring of 2010, this museum is located between the Oregon Truck museum and Oregon Electric Railway Museum in the town of Brooks, just off of I-5 near Silverdale. with those two book ends, there's plenty to see when you're here if your inner gear head must have more. The collection includes a Flying Merkel, several Harley-Davidsons, an Excelsior and more. The car collection is impressive as well.

Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum - 3995 Brooklake Rd, Brooks OR

Western Antique Airplane and Auto Museum - Don't let the name fool you. Along with a large collection of autos and aircraft, this Hood River wonder displays more than 40 motorcycles at any given time covering just about every decade in the 20th century. You get quite a bang for your buck here as the bikes, autos and planes are displayed in a chronological order. The museum recently expanded doubling it's size. Well worth the price of admission.

Western Antique Airplane and Auto Museum - 1600 Air Museum Rd, Hood River OR


America's Car Museum - Here again, do not let the name fool you. The curators at America's Car Museum in Tacoma have made sure to represent the two wheel counterpart well with some nice permanent fixtures as well as a constant rotation of bikes. Support for the volume of bikes is provided by the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts. The museum itself appears small from the outside until you realize there's a five story garage below that sardine-can-like rooftop - and you will get to tour every floor. In 2012 ACM held a mass occurrence of vintage iron on the outside lawn of the museum and they intend to do so again in 2013 aiming at making it an annual event.

America's Car Museum - 2702 East D. St. Tacoma, WA

Café Veloce - This popular Italian restaurant provides a brief look into the history of Italian motorcycles. Although the collection is less than 10 bikes on display, there is quite a bit of memorabilia on display as well. Several of the bikes were restored by the owner and her father several decades ago. If you go, be sure to ride your motorcycle because you'll get 10% off your check. The food here is quite good. Clubs can reserve the back room which accommodates up to 30 people.

Café Veloce - Kirkland, WA

Hinshaw's Motorcycle Store - Ron Orr shares his delightful collection of Japanese bikes dating back to the 40’s. Orr’s collection is all top of the line restorations from all the major Japanese manufacturers and a few ill-fated ones as well. You’ll find the collection upstairs and you may need to ask permission to view it if it's chained off when you arrive.

Hinshaw's Motorcycle Store - 1611 West Valley Highway S Auburn, WA

LeMay Family Collection - While it's true that Tacoma's LeMay family is heavily involved with ACM in Tacoma, the family keeps its own private collection at their Marymount Event Center also in Tacoma. The smartest way to visit this collection is to pay your admission and request a docent to lead you through the various buildings, as many relics are tucked away out of plain sight. The car collection is stunning as well. An annual weeklong featuring motorcycles runs the week up to Father's Day and includes special guests and events.

LeMay Family Collection - Tacoma, WA

Vintage Antique Motorcycle Museum - Inside you’ll find plenty of old Iron, mostly American and British. The museum is a two story unique collection that features original and fully restored Pre-1916’s including Indians, Harley-Davidsons, Excelsior, Pierces, Emblem, Thor, Henderson, Sears, Yale, Reading Standard, plus a Neracar, Imp Car, and an assortment of antique bicycles, including an example of the first American-made bicycle from the 1800s. Beyond the 1916’s you’ll find some one-of-a kind models and even a sidecar or two. The museum was founded by local rider and mason, Frank Mason.

Vintage Antique Motorcycle Museum - 539 N Market Blvd, Chehalis WA

British Columbia

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition - The little museum that grew up, this museum founded by Northwest motorsport entrepreneur, Trev Deeley houses more than 300 bikes in it's collection. The exhibits rotate annually (see the website for current details).

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition - 1875 Boundary Road, Vancouver BC

Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum - Motorcycle collections show up in the darndest places. How about this one in the heart of British Columbia between Kamloops and Revelstoke? Several dozen bikes are on display at any time and the walls are covered in memorabilia collected over several decades. Hungry? Get a meal in the adjacent Sprokkets Café. Need some trinkets? There's a gift shop included.

Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum - Sorrento, BC

Northern California

Black Lightening Motorcycle Café - If you're out enjoying the Redwoods, keep in mind, no trip though Eureka California is complete without a pit stop at this mid-size café and collection of old bikes. Along with lots of memorabilia and gift items, there's a fair amount of used apparel available too. Not enough room onboard to get it all home? They have an online store and can ship in-store purchases. If you're into cool customs of all types, you won't to miss their annual Moto Envy Show held each summer.

Black Lightening Motorcycle Café - Eureka, CA

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