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The Yamaha Star Line of Cruisers Club is Born in the Northwest.

The Yamaha Star Line of cruisers is one of the best selling cruiser lines in the country, so it didn't take long for Internet sites to pop-up to celebrate the popular cruisers. One organization emerged as the most prominent and best-managed associations on the web: the International Star Riders Association (ISRA) . With members located throughout the world, it grew by leaps and bounds. Chapters formed, known appropriately as constellations, in metropolitan areas, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. Of all the constellations the fastest growing is the NORWESTARS ISRA Constellation.

While surfing the forums, and (for Roadstars), it became obvious that there existed a great many star riders in the Pacific Northwest. On March 4, 2000 they had there first meeting at the Cascade Mall Motorcycle Show. The camaraderie that was instantly obvious brought the group together. They elected officers, a Constellation charter was signed and the group christened themselves the NORWESTARS ISRA Constellation. The new officers, President Matt Walker, Vice President Ken Barney, Secretary/Treasurer John Wynstra set out to lead the constellation into the summer of 2000. Starting with only seven members, the constellation tripled its number in a month and is growing daily.

NORWESTARS meets monthly to discuss business and have group rides. Members take almost weekly rides with each other and have established a very strong support system for customizing and maintaining their motorcycles. The first group ride of the new Constellation was March 5th, with a beautiful jaunt to La Conner and Deception Pass. April 29th the group will take another group ride leaving from Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville and out into the farm country in the Cascade foothills. There are three significant rallies planned for this summer: June 23-25 the ISRA Cruise-in Hot Springs, AR (the national conference for ISRA), June 30 - July 2 Vancouver Island Rally, Fuzz's Pig Roast July 28-30. Other rallies include a Belgium Rally and an Eastern Washington ride being planned. Blessed with great weather this spring, NORWESTARS are exceeding all the expectations of what a motorcycle club is about. All brands of motorcycles are invited to join, participate in the fun and esprit de corps. If you are interested in more information please contact the President at .

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