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The Northwest Scooter Enthusiasts

Where Plastic is Fantastic

Motorcycles are a nice alternative to cars, but scooting in the city and through the countryside is popular with many as well. Founded in 1998, the Northwest Scooter Enthusiasts gives riders of big and small scooters a chance to be social, and take long rides together.

Riders meet once each month from March through October, usually for breakfast and then a ride. The group has toured places as nearby as Bainbridge, or as far away as Port Townsend, Whidbey Island and Mt. Hood. Their annual rally is held each summer in the Columbia River Gorge. 

"If our ride includes a ferry hop, you know we're going on a great adventure that day" says rider Robert Lomax of Mercer Island. Lomax has been riding with the group since it's inception. Each year the group does a few overnights on off weekends setting their sights on places like Victoria, the Cascade Loop and Neah Bay as destinations.

NWSE has no limits on who may ride with the group "Typically vintage Vespa's and other euro scooterists don't ride with us because we wake up too early and ride too far" says Kevin McDonald, a Boeing Customer Services rep who rides regularly and has been riding with the group since it's very first meeting in 1998. "This is not a unit that attracts the pub hopping types, it's more about getting out and riding and seeing the state" states another rider.

NWSE has proven to be a haven for plastic scooterists where often the group brings together multiple Helix', Reflex', Silverwings, Bergmans, Beverlys, Atlantics and and other plastic shrouded modern day scooters all in one place, a rare site indeed. Even if you don't own a scooter you are welcome to ride, or just dine with the group "because the inkling will probably infect you and you'll end up buying one anyway" jokes another rider.

Photo: Along the poker run route near Glenwood during the 2005 rally in the Columbia River Gorge. Mt. Adams in the background.

Some riders have full on motorcycles too "but my Helix is still my favorite machine" says McDonald who also owns a rotating plethora of other motorcycles.

There is no fee to ride with NWSE since it's expenses are covered via dealer sponsorships. As is the case with anyone owning a scooter over 49 cc's, riders are required to have a valid Washington State drivers license to operate a motorcycle. You can visit their website or e mail them for more info.

Patrick Thomas/1999 - Revised Winter 2013

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