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The Southern Cruisers Riding Club

Did Someone say Ride?

That seems to be a common phrase for the members of Puget Sound Chapters of The Southern Cruiser Riding club. It's a phrase that you will hear again and again when in their company, and one they really mean. That's simply because they are a group of riders out to ride. American or Metric, touring bike or cruiser, male or female, all are welcome to join.

The SCRC was started in Tennessee by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to form a different kind of riding club. The SCRC is a non-denominational club that has well over 10,000 members  worldwide, and nearly 250 Chapters. There are no monthly or yearly dues, no meetings to attend and very few rules to follow in the SCRC. Because so many of the members are wired into the net and proficient in today's technologies; communication within the club can be handled without the usual hassles. Getting the word out to members is fast and efficient without the need for newsletters or mailing lists.

Locally, a single Chapter of the SCRC was started that covered all of Washington state, during the summer riding season of 1999. The now state officer, Mad Mac, got the ball rolling by applying to form a chapter from the Southern Cruisers national site. About a dozen or so riders showed up for the first ride and most everyone there knew from the start that this was a different kind of riding club. The club has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past 2 years, in fact, it has flourished so well that it has been split into two chapters. There are currently North and South Puget Sound Chapters, and a new chapter for the Olympia area called the Capitol City chapter . An Olympic Peninsula chapter is in the works. Puget Sound SCRC chapters now boast more than 150 members and it's growing almost daily. Locally you'll see SCRC members kicking around at many local charity rides and events, motorcycle shows and bike rallies in support of the local cycling community.

What's in it for me?

First and foremost, friends who ride! If you like to ride and you enjoy riding with others who feel the same way, the SCRC may be exactly what you've been waiting for. There's not another club in Puget Sound area with the same ideology as the Southern Cruisers. All are welcome and no one cares what type of bike you ride or which brand it is. It's a new attitude aimed towards ALL Bikers in a non-discriminatory manner.

We plan Dinner Rides, Poker Runs, Overnighters, Picnic's, short rides, long rides, charity runs... you name it, we do it. With two chapters planning events separate from each other, there is always something going on. There is no limitation on which rides you can attend, based on the chapter you belong to. All rides are open to all members so you always have the option of the event that suits your needs.

The membership consists of experienced riders and "newbies" alike, so no one should feel excluded. We have easy-to- follow group riding rules that make for the safety of the group, and there are experienced "Road Captains" and "Tailgunners" in each chapter to further ensure that the group gets to its destination safe and sound. You'll also find comfort in the fact that, if you break down on a ride, you will not be left stranded. The group's code is no one gets left behind, and we will make sure you and your ride get to someplace safe.

Politics..... Whoa! Who needs politics? The SCRC is a non-political club, but it is not opposed to supporting the efforts of other politically motivated groups in the motorcycling community. We salute the efforts of the Washington Road Riders Association and ABATE in their efforts to work for motorcyclists in Washington State and across the nation. We attend some of their rides and events, and some of our members belong to those associations as well. The Southern Cruisers are also an AMA chartered club, which means we are non-confrontational, non-territorial and have boundaries only for the ease of organization. We are not a "1%" MC style club.

How do I find out more about Puget Sound SCRC?

A good starting point would be , which is the Washington State Southern Cruiser Website. There you will find links to chapter websites and the message board forum where you can participate and interact with SCRC members. You can see pictures of get-togethers and rides that we've been on, as well as pictures of some of the members and their bikes. There is an online ride calendar that will keep you current on upcoming rides and events. There is also secure online shopping for authentic SCRC gear, such as patches, T-Shirts, stickers and other SCRC related garb. Telephone contact with officers is available through the "contacts" button on the website if you find yourself needing answers to questions that cannot be found on the websites or the forum.

If you would like more information on the Southern Cruiser on a national level, visit the main website at . There you will find the sign-up page, links to the national forum and most things SCRC. On the national forum you can interact with SCRC members from around the country and around the world.

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