SR! Photo Contest Winners 2011

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SR! Photo Contest 2011

We began calling out for entries in August and had a lot to choose from. Photos came in from all over the Northwest, with a lot of people sharing images from their trips beyond the region. In the end, we sifted through them and came up with three winners.

1st Place: Spike Smith - John Day sunset

Spike picked up the opportunity to snap this sunset while riding through the John Day area of Oregon. The place is already rich with color in the surrounding geology, but it was too late in the day to pick that up. Spike's picture shows the advantages to keeping your camera handy and seizing the moment.

2nd Place: Larry Leith - Heading home

Larry had left the Dualsport Northwest Rally in the Columbia River Gorge and was on his way home. From the looks of the picture, he probably pre-arranged the shot. It's not too difficult when you find a good photo spot to dismount, compose your photo and ask a friend to ride by. Larry utilized the rule of thirds well when he placed the rider in the lower right crosshairs of the grid. If there's one fault in this photo, it's the lighting on the rider, which could have been easily remedied by forcing the flash on the camera.

Photos like this only take a few minutes to arrange and are far superior in telling a story than taking pictures of people un-posed.

3rd Place: David Black - Still room to get through

If you tried to ride on Reiter Road this summer, you were met with a gate on either end. David's pic tells the story why. So if a picture tells a thousand words, you are no doubt wondering what the story was here at this point. Did he continue? If so, what was ahead?

Honorable Mention: Frank Leonard - Summit House in May

Frank was out picking off cafes during the Cafe to Cafe tour earlier this year. All was sunny when he arrived at the bottom of the ski lift, but when he rode up in search of getting the bonus point receipt, he was met with foul weather. Well, at least he was dressed well!

SR!/Fall 2011

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