2007 Product Preview

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2007 Product Preview

What's hot for 2007? Beyond the next chrome doo-dad, the next walkie talkie cell phone gadget or the next radar detector here's a few things we've come across that make sense for riders to add to their arsenal.

Unique Checks

If you've ever had your bank screw up a set of checks, you've probably wondered "is there someone out there who can make checks other than the bank." The answer is yes, and then it gets even better . At Unique Products you can get checks made using your own photographs as the background. Now when I write checks I'm reminded of my trip to Utah with Eastside Harley-Davidson, that trip I did with the journalist group through Washington, the time Bruce Scott and I pre-routed the Dualsport Northwest Rally and that Ducati I photographed on the Maryhill Loops Road. Simply submit four photos when you're ordering and watch them in the preview to be sure it's how you like them. Some editing of your photos will be required to insure they appear proportionally on the check (edit them to 538w x 216h pixels to be exact). All that for about the same price you're paying for checks now.

$19.95 for 150 checks

Otter Box Water-resistant Laptop Carrier

Are you a daily commuter who goes to and from work with a laptop? Then you know how hard it is to keep it dry when the rain shows up. Otter Box has been building waterproof cases for camera gear and electronics for a while now so we figured it was only a matter of time before they put this out. Available now to accommodate screens up to 15" with a larger version for screens up to 17" on the way.

$169.95 (medium size case)

Sole Custom Foot Beds

Ever looked at the flimsy insole that comes in most motorcycle boots? If you need arch support in your shoes, you no doubt have tried the Spencos, Doctor Scholls and Superfeets of the world. But none of them fit too well into motorcycle boots and don't conform to the true shape of your arch. Now a Canadian company, Sole, has come up with a foot bed that will conform to your arch and is slim enough to fit into your boot. Simply place the foot beds into an oven (not a microwave) at 200 degrees to warm them up, slip them into your boots and relax for 15 minutes while they form to the shape of your arch. They hold their shape forever more unless you decide to re-shapes them which can be done up to six times.

Available from the Sound RIDER! store


The most successful automobile recovery system in the country is available now for motorcycles in the Northwest. After a simple installation, the LoJack transmitter sends out a signal and allows law enforcement to locate your bikes whereabouts when reported stolen. It's not cheap, but if your bike is worth keeping it may be the best insurance you've got.

$795 including installation
Available from Lynnwood Cycle Barn and Downtown Harley-Davidson

 New Jackets

First Gear and Olympia have come to market with their newest in jackets. FG's Kilamanjaro has been updated solving the few annoyances of the past and upgrading the overall shell and liner. Olympia, which to this point has been a player in the glove market, is now introducing a line of riding apparel that includes the very neon AST (All Season Touring) jacket.

$289.95 each
www.firstgear-usa.com or visit Cycle Barn
www.olympiamotosports.com or visit South Sound BMW  

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