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Adventuress Skin Care Collection

For the woman who likes to ride

by Connie Adams

Why is Sound RIDER! talking about skin care? Because the Adventuress product line was created by Michele Carter, a motorcycle rider and outdoor enthusiast, who knows the damage that can be done from wind, sun and dirt on skin. She started on a dirt bike at 10 and now rides a Harley-Davidson.

There are a lot of skin care products on the market; you have to find something that works for your skin type, financial situation and life choices. You may be thinking ‘life choices seems a bit extreme for a guideline on choosing a cleanser.’ Read on.

Adventuress products are all naturally derived with no fragrances, no parabens and are developed for sensitive skin. The chemist that Michele works with has a 20-year career developing technologies for big firms (L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, etc.) and knowledge of raw materials that, blended and used together, work well for different degrees of sensitivities and allergies. You’re choosing natural products.

Containers are airless, keeping the product fresher for a longer period of time. Additionally, no contaminants can get into the packaging either. Even if the cap gets lost, the bottle is leak resistant. And because you press it into your hands, you’re not sticking your fingers into a container again and again. Smart packaging for when you're on the road.

But enough background. How did they work? As a daily regimen, I used the cleanser, skin purifier and moisturizer. Most cleansers I’ve tried dehydrate my skin. Adventuress made my skin feel very clean but not dry. According to Michele, it is neutral and will not change the PH of your skin so you don’t need a toner after cleansing. The skin purifier is applied after the cleanser, morning and evening, and absorbed into the skin. It is supposed to "hydrate, unblock pores and firm your skin." I found that it reduced redness and the size of a moon-crater pore (attractive). The moisturizer hydrates well and can be used as an eye cream too.

Another Sound RIDER! employee, Emily, shared in the testing of the products. She also has sensitive skin and has to look long and hard to find products that work for her. She is in her mid-20s and found that using the products twice a day made her skin feel a little too hydrated. However, if you're out riding in the wind all day, it's this kind of hydration you're looking for.

They also make a sunscreen. This water-resistant, SPF 30 also comes in the airless packaging, as well as swipes. Michele says that it’s formulated for being active in the sun, unlike sunscreens that are diffused within daily moisturizers. The swipes are great when you’re riding because you can peel the label on the front to get to the pad, without getting the sunscreen on your hands. You don’t have to worry about smearing sunscreen on your handle bar grips or face shield. They’re light weight and biodegradable.

Other products they offer include facial wipes, which are cleansers that do not change the PH of your skin, and are also biodegradable; and the Envirobalm. This product "protects, nourishes and hydrates" and can be used anywhere on your skin, even your lips. It's great for when you're on or off the bike enjoying the outdoors.

You can purchase the products separately or get started with the collection package (shown above) that features a little bit of everything in its own handy carrying case. You can restock that as needed. For more information visit

Connie Adams

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