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Dealer Expo 2005

The latest and greatest for motorcyclists is coming from Northwest companies!

For three years now Sound RIDER! has gone to the Powersports Dealers Expo in Indianapolis held each February in search of the next products and innovations that are coming to the motorcycle market. It's a large event with several miles worth of booths and vehicle displays. The main floor typically has the items you see on any day in a motorcycle shop. But throughout the show, and particularly beyond the main floor, you'll find the innovators. This year many of the innovators are actually Northwest businesses.

Sport Vue

Race car driver Dominic Dobson has come up with a way to watch your speed without looking down. It's called the Sport Vue and it's a nifty little device you connect to the top of a face shield on a full face helmet. Set with an infinity focus you can actually see your speed, rpm and what gear you are in just by looking straight ahead as you ride. For those who wonder what gear they are in after completing a turn, now it's easy to know with the Sport Vue. The wireless unit has an aerodynamic shape to it that contours the helmet and easily comes off in the event of a crash.

Sport Vue is manufactured by Motion Research in Seattle. More details are at


PacSafe has made a name for themselves in the outdoor market creating anti-theft luggage products such as day packs, waist packs and money belts. Now they are planning to enter the motorcycle market with a tank bag, tail pack and helmet bag this summer. Each unit shares the same concept, a storage membrane with metal webbing laminated into the fabric, and a cable system to lock the opening and provide the rider the ability to lock the bag to the bike. Designer Rob Schliper was on hand to show the new bags and get feedback from potential customers before the units go to factory production.

PacSafe is distributed in the US by Axis Outdoor of Everett. More information on PacSafe products is at

Muzzy's ZX10 Turbo Kit

The folks at Muzzy in Bend, Oregon, really love to play with Kawasakis. Whether they are customizing exhaust systems for Kawasaki drag bikes, making billet parts for dirt bikes or creating pre-tuned power commander setups for street bikes, there's always something Kawasaki going on with them. The latest is a turbo kit they have created for the popular ZX10. Essentially you toss your exhaust system entirely, mount the turbo system and replace a piece of exterior bodywork and you're ready to roll. As if the ZX10 wasn't fast enough already!

More details are at

Norton Commando 952

It's finally happening. After several years of people toying with the resurgence of the Norton brand, Kenny Dreer and his team from Oregon are heading into production of the first 100 Commando 952 models. Each will be hand built and will supersede an expected larger production run which is expected at dealers in 2006.

More information is at

Lambretta Returns

Tom Lynott, founder of Classic Motorcycles and Sidecars in North Bend, Washington, is no stranger to the motorcycle business having put into motion a series of import/export ventures over the years. His latest project is to revive the Lambretta scooter. In certain scooter circles, Lambretta owners used to be shunned by their Vespa counterparts, but this time it's going to be different. Keeping the exact same styling as the popular Lambrettas of the 50s and 60s, Lynott has ingeniously replaced the old motor with a 200cc engine from Vespa's parent company, Piaggio. And because he's kept the exact same body style, replacement body parts will now be available for vintage Lambrettas.

More details are at

Green Light Trigger

While legislation has been working its way through the halls of Olympia which would allow riders to turn left after a traffic light sensor refuses to acknowledge their existence, another answer is now available. The Green Light Trigger is a simple magnet that connects to the bottom of any bike with a piece of high temperature 3M tape. The magnet then triggers the light sensor making it believe a large vehicle is overhead. During the show we saw the latest version, which has a stronger magnet.

The Green Light Trigger is made in Portland, Oregon. More information is at:

high-Tec Motorcycle Socks

Finally, someone has come to the table with socks especially made for motorcyclists. If you despise sweaty feet and having your socks slide down your calf, getting scrunched up in your boots, these socks are for you. They come in two formats, a summer/warm and winter/cool weather sock respectively. The winter sock features Thermolight and the summer socks are made with Coolmax.

More information is at

Custom Echo Kits

We've been selling a lot of Global Vision multi-lens touring eyewear. The company produces one other kit we have not yet carried in the Sound RIDER! online store because of the absence of an amber driver lens. Called The Echo, we have now worked with GV's product development lead, Joy Wright, to develop a custom kit that will include a set of driver lenses. The Echo is a bit more stylish than other touring kits provided by GV and comes with either a black or silver frame. Look for the new units this spring. Initially they will be a Sound RIDER! exclusive, but we guess if they're popular, GV will make them available to all dealers.

More information is at

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