Great Motorcycle Gifts Under $1000

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Great Gifts Under $1000

If you're going to step out this year and do something nice for someone, let us take you on a tour of some of the things on the market that made our heads turn during a recent visit to a few shops.

Field Sheer Highland Suit

This one piece suit does it all at a price that's right. It's fully waterproof, has armor in all the right places and it's a breeze to slip in and out of. Comes with a full liner that's in two sections so you can opt to just use the top or bottom to keep warm.
More details at:
Available locally from University Honda/Yamaha and other Fieldsheer dealers
Price: $329

Nelson-Rigg DLSB-500 Deluxe Saddlebag System and RTB-500 Rear Tote/Tail Bag System

Undoubtably the finest textile saddlebag system around. We've tested this rig over and over and found none better. Is compatible with many bikes, comes with waterproof covers for each bag unit, plenty of storage space and it's modular so you can just use the side bags or the top bag solo.
More details at:
Available locally from Seattle Cycle Center and other Nelson-Rigg dealers
Price: $209

Gerbing's Heated Clothing

Riding in the Northwest year around is something some of us do. Some think we're crazy, but the fact is we wear heated clothing and enjoy hours on the road wrapped in warm comfort. For those who say we're sissy's I ask 'do you sleep with an electric blanket at night?' Gerbing's makes the finest heated clothing on the planet with tight weaves so every square inch of area keeps toasty. Choose from jackets, vests, gloves, pants and even socks!
More details at
Available locally from Ride West BMW
Price: Gloves & Thermostat start at about $210

Scalextric Moto GP Slot Bike Sets

Slot bike sets featuring top Moto GP racers. Each comes with a set of hand throttles and two bikes.
More details at:
Available locally from Ducati Seattle
Price: $150 to $250 per set

Power Trip Leather & Textile gear

A full line of leather and textile gear just for cruisers and road warriors. And the product is endorsed by the family of Orange County Choppers.
More details at:
Available locally from Cycle Barn and other Power Trip Dealers
Price: Ranges from $100 to $300 per garment

Motorcycle Insurance

While it's not required in Washington State, you'd be crazy to ride without it. Allstate reports the average a rider with a good record can get full coverage insurance starting between $400 and $600 a year. A small price to pay if you hit a pedestrian or get involved in a wreck. No one can actually 'give' motorcycle insurance directly as a gift, but there's nothing to stop you from writing a check to that special someone and say 'this is for your premium next year.'
More details at
Available locally from Ride West Insurance
Price: Average rider with a good record starts between $400 and $600. You cost may vary

Kilimanjaro Jacket

It's become the industry standard, the First Gear Kilimanjaro. Those who have been burned by cheaper brands eventually come around to buying this superb jacket that has all the bells and whistles at a price that's right. And recently First Gear came to market with the Kilimanjaro Air, a lighter weight jacket that's better suited for the summer months, but offers the needed protection during monsoons as well.
More details at:
Available locally from Hinshaw's Motorcycle Store and other First Gear dealers
Price: Standard Kilimajaro Jacket - $325, Kilimanjaro Air Jacket $269. Matching venture gloves and pants available too

New Leo Vinci Pipes

Leo Vinci has long been synonymous with the sportbike and street fighter crowd, but now they're branching out into other arenas with a full line of pipes for the off-road, dual sport and scooter markets! Staying true to tradition, Leo Vinci pipes offer a pleasing sound, without all the excessive volume some other after market pipes shove down your ears. With a little jetting you're likely to see some additional horsepower come about as well. Whether you ride a Honda Silverwing, Suzuki RM or a Kawasaki KLX, or otherwise, Leo Vinci probably has a pipe for you.
More details at:
Available locally from: 
Lake City Honda/Kawasaki and other Leo Vinci dealers
Price: $100 and up
Jetting and Dyno Services:  George Dean's Seattle Cycle Service

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