Las Vegas Extremes II

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Las Vegas Extremes II

Polnick Edits "Pauly Meets Playboy"

Fans of the first Las Vegas Extremes video will recall the stunts, the stunts and the stunts that the original video brought to the screen.

For the second installment, expected to reach the street in January, the landscape changes slightly.

Local video editor, John Polnick (right), of Exit Light Productions got the call to work the slice and dice on volume two. Polnick's editing work and use of special visual effects greatly enhance the quality of the piece from a technical point of view.

LVXII leans heavily on silly comic shticks and near female nudity to fill the precious few 30 minutes the video has to provide. Instead of being a step to the next level of stunts, much of the camera time is wasted on candid scenes and women exposing their breasts (which Polnick creatively causes to become reflective as soon as nipples pierce the lens). "The market responds to women featured in these videos which is why the ingredient was added" comments Polnick.

With the exception of a back handstand by Pauly off the back seat and spinning around back to earth to drag his feet behind the bike, you won't see much new in LVXII in the way of stunts that you didn't see in volume one. Most of the riding sequences feature the same extended wheelies, stand up tricks, stoppies and mini bike routines as the first set, only they get less airtime.  

18 year old stunt rider/model Jojo strikes a pose with Jimmy Pelletier at the recent LVX II screening in Seattle.

As for Jojo, the videos beloved female mascot, about half way through she gets her clothes back on and stands atop her sportbike like a pro. In fact she may even be able to pull some real motorcycle stunts off one day which will provide her with more dignity than the people around her who push her buttons today.

Where Polnick didn't have a hand was on initial lighting and the footage as it was being shot. The three scenes where Pauly takes advantage of a door to door selling hispanic boy are poorly lit beyond belief. The good news is that it can only get better in volume three. 

Let's hope for the sake of volume three that Pauly and crew step back, spend more time creating new stunts, less time hunting down girls that make out with each other, improve the filming technique and present a video that runs for 60 minutes and was worth waiting for. Until then, let's check and see when The Seattle Cossacks are riding again. 

Susan Holter & TM/Winter 01

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