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OK, so I don't like riding in the rain, so don't ask me to go riding when it's going to rain. I also have big feet and am biased because the Nelson-Rigg cover I have for my bike is bulletproof.

I didn't test 403 types of rainsuits and will never write a book on them either. The bossman here said test this thing and I told him if I tested it, I was gonna keep it, and I am. It does the job. It works so well that I just gave away that piece of crap I had stuffed in a bag to the folks at Northwest Center so maybe someone can use it as a fashion statement.

Here's what you get for your bucks and yes, to answer your first question it does keep ya dry. The sizing is ample. It's sharp and has all the bells and whistles that most of the current rainsuits don't have, like a nice soft lined collar that is high enough on your neck to be comfortable and keep the darned water out. It has reflective strips front and back that won't do much for protecting you from crazy soccer moms talking on cellphones or conversing electronically with a new high tech crockpot full of the latest tofu fondue, so forget that.

The jacket has big pockets, a hood, a nifty bunched elasticized band in the back to keep it in place, plus a drawstring and really big chunks of velcro on both the pockets, sleeve closures and the front flap. I sometimes think that some of the "others" consider velcro an endangered species. Not so on this puppy. The main closure is a nice YKK zipper too. Lots of stuff in the brochure and the 24 month "No Hassle" warrantee about electronic seam welding that I really don't understand nor care to. But I do know about no hassle, which is a good thing.

The pants will never be popular with the baggie crowd, but for those of us who want to get them on over size elevens that's where these pants really come through. Zippers and a triangular gusset and stirrups all make for easy entry and exit. Nice when ya finally find out that the wet stuff that's falling from the sky you were warned about is the real thing.

Somebody at Nelson-Rigg who got wet a time or two, designed and engineered this outfit to work. It does. So whoever you are pal, good show!

The Colonel/Fall 02

Nelson-Rigg rain suits are available at Seattle Cycle Center , 10201 Aurora Ave N in Seattle.

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