New Sena BT Intercom Systems

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New Sena BT Intercom Systems

Most advanced Blue Tooth intercoms hit the market

Intercom systems for motorcycles have been evolving for over a decade now. We started with various CB radio concoctions and later helmet walkie-talkie-like boxes, but the invention of Blue Tooth data transfer would change all that in the mid 2000s.

Today Blue Tooth technology is in its third evolution with BT 3.0. As smart phones develop, the ability to use them with blue tooth communications options does as well.

During version 2.0 there were a lot of problems with getting devices to talk nice to one another. While several companies were releasing intercom systems for motorcycles, the snares appeared as firmware updates were needed, but there was no way to modify the firmware in the units once they were manufactured.

Enter Sena.   

Although new to the market, Sena has brought two models out for motorcycles that incorporate BT 3.0 in them. And the units are built on a micros USB 5 pin platform. Hooray!

The two models, the SMH10 and SMH5, hit the market in late winter and have already received one firmware upgrade each. Simply download the firmware upgrade tool from the company's website, attach the unit to your computer using the USB cable provided and use the simple step by step procedure to upgrade each unit's firmware.

Also different from other manufacturers, Sena incorporates a rocker switch on the unit that's easy to grasp with a glove for tasks such as changing the volume, skipping tracks and taking calls. While some manufacturers use buttons, locating the little buggers is not so easy. The Sena rocker switch is a move in the right direction.

Charging is simple. There's no need for a proprietary charger, simply use the standard USB to 5 pin micro connector cable supplied and plug it into any computer or modern battery charger with a USB adapter on board. The SMH10 comes with its own tiny wall transformer too. Charging time is about 1 hour for the SMH5 and 2 hours for the SMH10.

By now you can figure it out; the SMH10's virtue over the SMH5 is it has a longer battery life. About 8 hours, if you're enjoying music and taking a call or using the intercom now and then. It's also a little louder; worth the extra money if you ride with ear plugs.    

Each is sold separately, and you can get each model in paired sets.

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