Motorcycle Touring: Marysville to Darrington Loop, Washington

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Marysville to Darrington Loop

Ride Idea

You could ride in Washington State all your life and miss one of the coolest backroads along the Skagit River. Brian Gough of the Washington State BMW Riders put together this jaunt in 2001 and I promised I'd steal it from him and publish it. He agreed to allow me to. I've augmented some of Gough's original ride in order to provide riders with the welcome trip along Highway 9, thus cutting down needless and otherwise boring travel along I-5.

Marysville-loop.jpg (85562 bytes) Our jaunt begins and ends in Marysville. Are you ready? Click on the small map at left for a larger printable one.  

Ride Duration: Approximately 4 1/2 Hours, 150 miles or so.

Caution: In the fall, winter and spring expect sand residue at all intersections; shady areas can hint of frost on cold days. Please plan to leave Marysville with a full tank of gas.

Marysville to Lake McMurray: (1) Head north on I-5; turn left and head north from Exit 199 to Exit 208. Exit freeway, turning right (east) ride for about 5 miles on WA 530 towards Arlington. Once in Arlington (2), turn left heading north on SR 9 and ride to Lake McMurry.

Lake McMurray to Sedro Wooley: At the "T" intersection, turn right, head north on SR 9 toward Sedro Wooley. If you need to, cross the Skagit River and take care of any business you may have in Sedro Wolley, otherwise...

South Skagit Highway runs east from SR 9 to Concrete, obviously along the south side of the river. Just south of the bridge (3) pick up this road and head east on this route.

The road wanders east (4, 5) in series of rises and curves towards Day Creek (6); watch out for sharp right turn at the east end of this "town" that seems to drag on forever. Continue east till the "Y" intersection. South Skagit Highway bears left to cross-river into Concrete, don't go there.

Turn Right before bridge (watch for lots of sand on roadway) onto Concrete-Sauk Valley Road and continue east-southeast towards Darrington. Road twists and turns through forested area. Road ends at Sauk River, crossing over single lane, metal Grate Bridge to intersect with SR 530 in the "T" intersection; watch for sand!

Turn right at the "T" intersection (7), head south on SR 530 towards Darrington; about 5 miles south of entering SR 530, encounter the second metal bridge of this ride. About 7 miles further south is the town of Darrington (8). Gas at Shell along with coffee and restroom at three way stop. Fairly good food is available at gray restaurant on your left at West End of town if you're hungry.

Darrington to Arlington; about 28 miles of somewhat boring but pleasant SR 530 highway.

Turn left at sign Arlington Hills Road (9); follow signs to Granite Falls, then about 1 mile turn right at Jordan Road (10), head south on pleasant two-lane highway for about 9 miles into Granite Falls (11). 

Turn right at stoplight, intersection with SR 92, and head west to Lake Stevens (12).

Turn left at SR 9 stoplight, head south to next light, Soper Hill Road.

Turn Right on Soper Hill Road, follow till intersection at 4-way stop with Sunnyside Blvd.

Have a great safe ride home

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