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Off-Pavement Adventure: Miles of Smiles

The great thing about riding motorcycles is you can do it anywhere in the world. From home base to Timbuktu in Africa and everywhere in between. Only your imagination is holding you back. But one of the problems with adventure travel is that the roads are not always paved. So now what? Stay home? Nope, it turns out that we have a world-class off-pavement training center right here in the Northwest.

The folks at RIDECOACH.COM help riders learn to explore their two-wheel potential -- off-pavement. Whether you want to ride gravel logging roads or explore the third world, the goal is always to help you get ready.

Their training facility is called the Cascade Endurance Center and is located East of Salem in Lyons, Oregon. The 50-acre property is literally like visiting the Seven Motorcycle Wonders of the World. Owner, Ramey 'Coach' Stroud has created motorcycle exercise courses to replicate situations he has actually experienced in countries like Belize, South Africa, the Sahara Desert, Egypt, South America and various places in Mexico.

In order to create the right training environments, Coach has brought in a million pounds of rock which allows students to train in all sorts of gravel roads and rocky conditions. His facility is literally a shrine to the world’s terrain!

Coach grew up in the sand lands of Nevada riding off-road every chance he got, competing in desert races, trials and motocross competitions. He later competed in numerous events including the Alcan 5000, Iron Butt endurance runs and the International Six Days Enduro.

Coach is a regular presenter at the Sound RIDER! Rally in the Gorge each summer and his presentations are well received by his audiences. In 2009, his four presentations focused on body mechanics as they related to each of the four rally components - Sportbike Northwest, Sport Touring Northwest, Dualsport Northwest and Maxi Scoot Northwest. He will return again in 2010.

Having off-road rider training here in the Northwest is a beautiful thing. Coach's weekend “slow speed-off road classes” don't require a passport or immunization shots just to travel from one motorcycle course to another!

Here are just a few examples of the skills RIDECOACH.COM helps riders with:

  • How to make the transition from pavement to dirt-riding.

  • How to make slow speed turns on a BIG bike in the rough.

  • How good body mechanics leads to control in less than perfect traction.

  • How to relax while maintaining maximum focus-- all day long.

To learn more, visit RIDECOACH.COM.

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