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Rolling Thunder

Keeping legends alive!

Ray Leffard, the proprietor of Rolling Thunder Enterprises, is a long time friend of new and old Harley's and their riders. His is one of the few shops that still services vintage Harleys, performing restorations, upgrades, and hop-ups - with a shop that features all the tooling to handle Harley Davidson motorcycles from 1912 to the present. After 23 years of working for others, Leffard started his own business following his tutelage under Charlie "Mississippi" Mink at American Made Iron and Cascade Custom Cycle.

Frugal living and the support of family and friends have served to perpetuate his company longer than many others. He remains one of the few shops still working on vintage bikes. Over the 13 years his business has existed, he has gradually expanded his capacities and improved his locations, currently operating on Marine View Drive in Des Moines. An added service now includes transporting disabled motorcycles to his shop.

Although embracing work on new machinery, much of his operation comes from referrals by dealers less inclined toward servicing older machines. Some of these require unusual and extraordinary repairs. His years dealing with those problems have left him with surprising insights lending to the recovery otherwise expensive restorations.

As a Cossacks Motorcycle Drill Team member since 1991, he regularly helps to maintain the majority of their half century old rides which are a main attraction in their stunt performances. Contributing to keeping these relics alive is a manifestation of his skills sorely required as the Cossacks are repeatedly sought by Harley Davidson for official special events, including their 100th anniversary. Other organizations seek them out as well to please appreciating crowds who admire their well practiced riding skills. Leffard keeps the team in action.

Working alongside Leffard, also find likable "Mighty" Mongo and "Fuzzy" Jamison (at right), another Cossacks member. All of them have a consistent love for Harley and motorcycles, and take a no nonsense approach to their care.

Ray's generosity finds him contributing much of his time to charities, besides his efforts with the Cossacks. Those charities include the Children's Hospital, Imagine Guild, Toys for Tots, and helping in benefits for riders. He even sponsors a Rolling Thunder Little League team. His charity also includes providing information and peace of mind to Harley riders who may seek him out for guidance and counseling.

For More Information Visit:
Rolling Thunder Enterprises
2231 Marine View Drive S.
Des Moines, WA 98198

by Bob Seymour

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