Face and Eye prtection for COVID-19

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Gear to get through it

You may need it, or you may already have it

As motorcyclists, we're out in the elements enough that many of us have stuff around the house that is not so common in other households.

And now with C-19, it's possible we have the gear we need to do something as simple as going shopping when PPE masks are in short supply.

With the CDC recommending EVERYONE wear a mask in public, supply issues have arisen. But it's not just your mouth you need to cover. Your tear ducts are possible passageways for virus laden droplets as well, so to do this right, you need to wear glasses.

Mask options

With the current shortage of masks, you may have one or more alternatives to make it happen anyway.

Neck Tube - Many seasoned riders carry a lightweight neck tube, often in the jacket pocket so it's at the ready when it's time for an extra layer of warmth around the neck, bug protection and sun protection. For C-19, simply double the tube into itself, pull it over your head and affix it so the top is over both your mouth and nose, as well as your ears to keep it from sliding down. It's a good idea to have a few of these on hand, as you'll need to wash the last one you wore in public before you wear it again.

We have a limited quantity of neck tubes currently available. Click here to get yours now.

Briefs - If you've ever purchased a pair of mid-thigh base layers or have a pair of midway briefs, flip the brief upside down and pull the opening and one leg over your head. Double up the leg and pull it over your mouth, nose and ears. If you want to be a ninja, you can pull the remaining leg up over the top of your head. And as funny as this sounds, if you use a blower for gardening or cleaning, this is a great way to keep the dust off your head, so you can skip the shower that usually follows.

We carry an assortment of midway brief base layer options that are just as good as face masks as they are for riding comfortably. Click here to get yours now.


Most people with good vision probably don't have a set of clear or yellow lenses around the house. Buy you'll want to protect your eyes when you go out in public and sunglasses aren't the easiest to deal with indoors at, say, the supermarket.

For year I've accumulated a host of eyewear that works well for the current situation.

Yellow lenses - These are optimal if you're riding or driving in fog or rain as they cut out the blue light that makes it hard to see in those situations. But they also allow you to see well indoors while protecting your eyes at the same time.

Clear lenses - Several of the eyewear kits we sell include a set of clear lenses. I've used these in the past when I needed safety glasses and they were near. They achieve the current goal of protection.

Clear bi-focal glasses - As my eyes have aged, I have purchased several pairs of clear bi-focal lenses. I commonly use these in the kitchen, while working on the bike, or just doing general odd jobs that require both protection as well as the ability to read directions. Bingo - these are great to wear at the grocery store as I navigate a shopping list in small mobile phone fonts.

We carry a number of clear, yellow, and bi-focal eyewear options. Click here to view them now. Need anti-fog? We've got that too.

Shop safe, shop well, and shop smart!

SR/April 2020

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