2021 Motorcycle Holiday Gift Guide

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Thinking outside the box

It's the holiday season again and the thought of gifts lingers in the air like thick cigar smoke in the Pampas room. But this year is different. We're crawling out of a pandemic, the loading docks are operating at a crawl, but yet, next year we can move around like back in the old days of two years ago…

So, with things being what they are, it might be time to come up with a few fun strategies to gift your moto loved ones. Welcome to our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

Travel Package

Whether you plan to ride along, or just present a loved one with joy for themselves, there's nothing like a nice envelope filled with assorted gift certificates that can be used on the road. Gift certificates for hotels, motels, campgrounds, restaurants, sporting events, museums, odd zoos, and more can make for a few fun days of traveling on two wheels. And don't forget the pre-paid gas card.

Overnight Accommodations

Short of a full-blown travel package, a gift certificate for an out of the ordinary overnight accommodation is a welcome surprise. In the Pacific Northwest we have some nice resorts worthy of a ride. McMenamins has multiple 'unique' locations in Oregon and Washington; or how about fancy destinations like Semiahmoo in Washington, Salishan in Oregon, or a National Park overnight at Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier, or Glacier NP? Who wouldn't be smiling to get one of these gifted to them?

Set of ultra-light camping gear

So, let's face it, for the same price as a night or two at any of the above, an entire set of ultralight camping gear can be purchased and carried on just about any motorcycle on the market these days. It's pretty simple: a tent, sleeping bag, air mat and air pillow are all that's required. With slower-than-usual delivery times, you may not have all the goodies ready to go by that special day, but it's winter and we are all learning to be patient.

Café to Café Grand Tour

Each year riders from all over the Pacific Northwest buy the annual Café to Café Grand Tour package. It's a list of 15 assorted restaurants scattered around Washington, Oregon, Idaho,, and Western Canada. They can choose to visit each, one by one, and if they complete all 15, they receive a unique certificate. But regardless, they wind up with a nice list of places to eat as they travel around wherever.

Bike Wash and Detail

There are people that will professionally detail a motorcycle in most major cities. Or maybe this is something you enjoy doing and do it well yourself. Or maybe it's something you can both do together. It sure is a lot easier than detailing a car. Yuk!

Maps, Atlases, and Guidebooks

These are the things that spawn many a great motorcycle trip. It's winter and it's time to dream. Sitting down with a good guidebook and a modern-day atlas is a delightful way to escape reality and can build the foundation for many memories to come. While these items are a little cumbersome to carry once you're on the road, folding maps offer the simplicity you can't get thumbing your way across maps on a smartphone screen.

Online Subscriptions

Today, what's left of the mainstream motorcycle media is mostly online only. Others are slowly making the switch. Rider magazine is still a decent publication, but you can only read it online which is nice because your house isn't getting junked up with paper journals. Consider an online subscription to Rider or another subscription-based site for yourself and buy one for a friend, too.

Annual Passes

It's not much cheaper to take a motorcycle into a national park anymore. If your moto loved one plans to visit a few next year, they might really appreciate an annual pass. Ditto for a Northwest Forest Pass or Discover Pass.

Moto GP Package

For the Moto GP enthusiasts in your circle, there are various ways to satiate their need to watch riders operate on two-wheels at high speed in circles all afternoon. An online subscription sets them up to see every race in the coming year. But if you really want to blow their mind and money isn't an object, pin the tail on the world map and get them a ticket along with plane fare and accommodations in one of the cities where the 2022 tour will land.

Shop Certificate

This is on the list every year, but now more than ever a shop certificate is greatly appreciated. Have you looked at the price of labor lately? Every little bit helps. With inflation on the rise, everything from tires to Rok straps, oil filters to helmets, are all going to cost a little more next year, so once again - every little bit helps.

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