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Holiday Mototainment

Crafting up your two-wheel couch potato pleasure reel

It's that time of year again. Short days, cold days, holidays, and your passion is probably parked for the next few months in the garage.

You could shift YouTube into auto drive and let it think for you, or you could take an extra hour one night and craft up a nice 1-4-hour playlist of highlights. Then share the playlist with your friends or roll it at the next get together.

During the final 5 years of the Rally in the Gorge, I had the pleasure of crafting up such playlists to roll at the end of each day. Here are a few topic points to consider. Simply punch in a few keywords for each and see what comes up. Choose at least one video from each category and you've got at least an hour of mototainment.

  • Racing/Competition - This one alone could keep you busy since there are so many ways to race and compete on motorcycles. Mini Moto, Supermoto, Superbike, Sidecar, Supercross, Bonneville World Speed Trials, Hillclimb… The list goes on and on. Red Bull is famous for creating some good highlight reels.
  • New Bikes - They weren't easy to find on showroom floors this year, but there were plenty of new model releases and plenty of videos flung out there by the manufacturers and digital mags.
  • Motorcycle Shows - The Pacific Northwest has been short on motorcycle shows in the last few years. The International Motorcycle Show no longer stops here and the pandemic shut down the Spokane and Vancouver shows. However, there was an EICMA show in Milan and the Motorcycles Alive show occurred in the UK.
  • Winter Stuff - I always like to see a few winter events when I compile these reels. Speedway racing on an ice track is thrilling to watch when you realize all those tires are spiked. Ditto for outdoor ice racing which is like Supermoto at 30 below. In the last decade, people have been converting dirt bikes using skis and tractors to create snow bikes. Another fun one to watch since it's so young.
  • Stunts - Who did the crazy stunts this year? Seems like Travis Pastrana and NitroCircus are always up to something bizarre. A lot of modern-day trials riders often qualify as stunt riders when they carry the sport into an urban backdrop.
  • Motorcycling History - Recently, a number of treasure chests filled with memorabilia have been opened and people are documenting racers who have left behind reels of film, photographs, awards, and other memorabilia.
  • Travel - seems like someone is always documenting their trip on two wheels. Some are better than others.
  • Professional Shows - Jay Leno frequently puts the spotlights on motorcycles. And that crazy pair of Ari Henning and Zack Courts are back at it at Revzilla producing lots of quality reviews and bits.

Not enough time to create one of your own highlight playlists. We made one for 2021 to share with all. CLICK HERE to watch it now

TM/December 2021

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