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A few of our favorite stays

After covering motorcycle touring in the Pacific Northwest across four decades, it only seems fair to spotlight a few of our favorite places we've stayed at along the way. The fall rains will be here soon enough and planning for the upcoming year starts now.

Photo: McMenamin's Edgefield Hotel near Portland, Oregon.

Paradise Inn @ Mt. Rainier

The historic lodge dates back to the early 1900s and is part of Mt. Rainier National Park. While one could ride a motorcycle around Mt. Rainier in as little as a day, this makes a nice stopping point where you can put your feet up and relax for an afternoon, enjoy dinner in the rustic dining room, and continue the following day. The roads up and down are quite fun on a motorcycle, too.

Whistlin' Jack's @ Cliffdell

This year-round hunter's resort is open to anyone who wants to rest up under the starlit sky in the mountains. Lodging options include an onsite motel, cabins, and during the warmer months, riders can tent camp along the river's edge on the north side of the main lodge. Hot tubs are available for motel and cabin guests, there's a small store on the gas station side, and a full-blown restaurant inside. The resort went under new ownership in 2020 and renovations have been underway ever since upgrading it to 21st century standards. It's a great stop for road riders as well as the Adventure set who may be riding the WABDR, since it's near the route.

Kah-Nee-Ta Resort @ Warm Springs

Imagine waking up in a teepee! You can do that if you pack a sleeping bag and rent a teepee at Kah-Nee-Ta. Or you can also splurge and get a nice room. Either way, everyone has access to the domesticated hot springs including hot tubs and the spring heated pool. There are several restaurants onsite. The resort has been closed for a while but is re-opening in 2023.

Oregon Caves National Monument

Currently closed for restoration, grab a room when it reopens. We've enjoyed this secluded location numerous times and look forward to its reopening.

McMenamin's (multiple locations in Oregon and Washington)

Ready for something a little different? Every location is just that, but all are a dreamy experience designed to take you away from reality during your stay. Over the years the food has improved, and more locations have sprung up. Back in 2010, we ran a road trip tour through Oregon that visited a different one each night. The memories live on. If you haven't tried one yet, it's time to start making your own memories.

Olympic National Park Lodging

While one could race around the Olympic peninsula in just one day, a more leisurely way to do it with plenty of time for sightseeing is to stretch it out over several days. Several lodging locations carry a lot of history, have pretty good food, and feature rustic accommodations. Those would be Lake Quinault Lodge, Kalaloch Lodge, and Lake Crescent Lodge. All feature onsite dining and take you back in time.

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