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Q1 Event Spotlight

It's been another crazy series of winter mornings getting the 2023 calendar into shape. Be sure to submit your events and, as always, the sooner the better. There's some cool stuff coming up. Here's a few highlights. Links for more information are on the Calendar page at https://soundrider.com/Calendar/.

Photo: Mark Eddy's gorgeous custom Kawasaki H1 will be displayed during the Ace Moto Show in the Gastown District in Vancouver, BC.

Ace Moto Show 1/27-29, Vancouver, BC

If you enjoy the One Moto show in Portland, here's another to check out. They'll have lots of hand-built customs on display. It's the first year for this event, so get in on the ground floor and say you were a supporter from the beginning.

This is being billed as Vancouver's biggest motorcycle show, and that makes sense since Vancouver doesn't have another motorcycle show. FYI - the big Abbotsford show is cancelled for 2023 and promises to be back in 2024.

Extreme Ice Racing 2/24, Everett, WA

It's back again. No brakes, no gears, no fears. You can watch this crazy indoor track racing at the Angel of the Winds arena. Want to race, too? Check the website for more details of how to register and what's required.

Café to Café Grand Tour 3/1-9/30, Across the PNW

This popular grand tour takes riders to 15 tasty cafés located around the Pacific Northwest. Each one is hand picked by our editors and the locations change annually. There's also a good road or two near each one for you to explore. During February, the 2023 details will be firmed up and packets will ship on 2/28. Want to register now? You can at https://store.soundrider.com/products/cafe-to-cafe-grand-tour

Boise Roadster and Motorcycle Show 3/10-12, Boise, ID

It's the 50th anniversary for this Idaho staple. Have you got a bike you'd like to show? For entry information, send an email to race@firebirdonline.com.

Ducati Ready 4 Red Tour 3/15 Seattle, 3/18 Portland

Check out all the new Ducatis while you nosh on tasty eats, down beverages, and groove to the on-hand dj.

Supercross 3/25, Seattle, WA

Always a favorite, this is one of the largest gatherings of enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest each year.

Don't forget some other great events are coming your way in Q2 including the Desert 100, Spokane Motorcycle Show, and the Rose City 250 just to name a few!

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