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Motorcycle Recalls

If you recently bought a new or used motorcycle; or plan on buying  one, it pays to check for recalls and confirm your bike is clear of any safety issues flagged by the government.

In fact, even if you've owned a bike for a while, if you moved since the purchase, you may have missed any recall notices in the mail that occured since your move.

But fear not, there are several ways to look up recalls.

1. The Auto Recalls For Consumers site stays on top of NHTSA recalls and makes it possible for you to search by manfacturer/model/year. You can connect to their site at:


2.  The NHTSA site provides the ability to type in either your VIN or the Year/Make/Model of the motorcycle you want to research. But beware, one error in the syntax of the model number (was it NC 700 X, or NC700X or NC700 X) and the sytem will throw a blank page. The recall page is located at:


3. Residents of Canada have their own recall site provided through Transport Canada. The site is simple to navigate. Visit it at:



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