Sasquatch 2019 Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour presented by Clems Enumclaw Powersports and Yamaha Motorcycles


The Ultimate Pacific Northwest
Adventure Ride!


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The return to Idaho - 7/21-26 2019

Back in 2012 we put together a well-rounded on-road/off-road tour of Idaho's backroads. We called it the Idaho Bucket List tour. Idaho is twice the length of Oregon from top to bottom, so to do the full stretch you need a few weeks. We don't have that kind of time. The Bucket served us well with some of the best highlights Idaho has to offer packed into a 5-day tour.

It's time to return again, but this time we're going to mix it up a bit. For starters, the tour will run clockwise, rather than counter-clockwise. We're shaving off a few sections and adding a few new ones.

Here's the way it will roll.

Sunday 7/21 - Rendezvous east of Coeur d'Alene. Dinner at 6 p.m. MDT along with GPS downloads and early check-in at a designated location.

Monday 7/22 - Depart area to the south through a series of historic tunnels, crossing several notable bridges and ending the day at accommodations near the Nez Perce Indian Reservation.

Tuesday 7/23 - Morning assault on the Historic Lolo Lolo Motorway (not the Lolo Pass Highway). Late lunch is available at a historic lodge. Return to hotel/motel/camping facilities for stories and lies into the evening.

Wednesday 7/24 - Choose route options to Elk City, then venture with us into the Magruder Corridor. After a long day of riding, travel over a pass named after a well-known native American for the evening stop at the base of the Bitterroot Range.

Thursday 7/25 - In the morning we ride south to the highest point you can take a motorcycle to in Idaho. Lunch provides a scenic view of the Sawtooth's before ending the day following a river and cresting a 6,900' pass. Our last evening together is in a small, yet hospitable town known for its motorcycle recreational opportunities year-around (even in winter).

Friday 7/26 - For our last day together, we kick it off with a visit to Hells Canyon and cap it off with a late lunch at an out of the way eatery near a local ski resort and monastery.

A few things to know:

  • The 5-day route is 75% dirt/gravel and 25% pavement.
  • Routes are provided to each rider as GPS tracks. The GPS tracks are "The Guide." This means that you ride the route each day at your own pace and you're not stuck eating slower riders' dust all day. Regulars to our tours really appreciate this.
  • Cartage is available to the first 40 riders who register. Cartage is limited to 40 liters per rider. That's enough to stow your overnight gear, including tent and sleeping gear if you plan to camp along the route.
  • Details of suggested hotels, motels, camping and more are made available to all riders within 3 business days after they register.
  • For those wanting to camp, tent camping is available within 0-10 miles of each overnight destination.
  • Some days you may be happier packing a lunch to enjoy along the route since there won't always be food on the trail at noontime. We note this in the tour book you receive when you check-in Sunday.
  • Your fuel range needs to be at least 130 miles. If it's less than that, plan to carry a rotopax or other alternative to top up when the time is right.
  • All street-legal dirt-worthy bikes are welcome. We get 'em all from WR250's to GS1200s.
  • Riders are advised to pack a Benchmark Idaho Road Atlas to assist with understanding any re-routing due to fire closures. They are available at better outdoor retailers or online at


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About the Sasquatch Dual Sport Adventure Tour

In 2006 Sound RIDER! created the Sasquatch Dual Sport Tour. What began as a 1 day fun run down the Olympic Peninsula has blossomed into a five day dual sport and adventure tour through the Northwest.

Each year the tour covers terrain through the Pacific Northwest. Past tours have traversed the Cascade Mountains of Washington and Oregon, explored the Oregon Coastal ranges, journeyed across the solace of the Columbia River Basin and dug into the best Idaho has to offer. The tour route changes each year. Wherever the tour goes, riders are certain to see places they've never seen and ride roads they've never been on before.

The tour is held in the summer to ensure all roadways are open and not blocked by snow. This is the Pacific Northwest after all, where snow has been known to block scenic passes all the way into early July. Each year the route is pre-ridden to insure all roads are passable.

The routes are crafted with a mix of paved and gravel roads. There are no single track or two track sections per se and are designed to provide riders an enjoyable experience without harsh terrains, making these tours a great ride for both intermediate as well as seasoned dual sport and adventure riders alike. Dual sport and Adventure bikes of all sizes from 250 to 1,300 cc's or higher can join in. All bikes must be street legal.

Riders should have more than 1,000 off-pavement riding miles under their belt. Having taken some off-pavement training such as the MSF Dirt bike curriculum, or adventure rider training is helpful as well.

Riders are encouraged to ride in small groups of six or less, with at least 30-60 seconds of space between one another to reduce dust inhalation and allow for the ride to be much more enjoyable for all. 

Morning legs last about 3-4 hours each. Lunch stops always include gas nearby and are typically in places with several eatery choices. Afternoon legs are typically 3-5 hours ending in the evenings suggested lodging location which always includes fuel and dining options.

Camping and motels are available along the route each night and are noted in the itinerary you receive after you sign up. Space is limited, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will get the kind of accommodations you desire.

Once registered, riders are sent an itinerary of each day's locations and suggested accommodations that includes hotels, motels, bed & breakfast and camping facilities along the route. Each rider can then determine their preferred accommodations and proceed to book directly from there, which keeps an individual's costs low, or allows them to go wild by staying at more upscale locations along the way. Or perhaps a mix?

Included in the price of registration, riders will receive a full tour book upon arrival at the start point which includes ride notes and maps for each segment of the tour. GPX routes will be downloaded to your GPS unit during initial check-in. While the tour is in progress, the guides keep a close eye on road conditions ahead and will re-route an upcoming section in the event such is needed due to fire or other closures. When possible, riders are provided with the updated GPS route during such a point during the tour.

In addition, riders are allowed to store up to 40 liters of gear (about one medium sized tail pack or pannier) in our tour truck. Pickup and drop off locations are noted in the tour book.

Also noted in the tour book are restaurants and grocery options throughout each day. We also include a central evening locale for each night where riders can converge to tell large stories and small lies about their day's adventures.

The routes are designed with fuel stops available at least every 125 miles if not more often, so you will not need to be concerned about this issue.

The price to ride on this tour is a mere $199 when paid in advance (meals & accommodations are paid separately by you). Those who wish to register on-site the night before or day of will pay a walk-up rate of $249. Cartage is limited to the first 40 riders who register.

The event goes on Rain or Shine. There are no refunds. 

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