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Reader Tips

Insight and Suggestions from PLPR Readers

This is a place for readers to submit tips they have learned along the way.  You can submit anything from packing tips to gear suggestions, ride ideas to restaurants, and anything else you can think of.  Submit your tips HERE.

Never leave your broken down trailer unattended near the side of the road.  You just might return to find the axel stolen!

Jumper Cables - One attendee at a clinic suggested carrying jumper cables.  If I'm traveling alone that would be unlikely, but when traveling with a group it is advisable that at least one member have a set along.  In fact, items like jumper cables, air pumps and first aid kits only need to be carried by one or two members of a group leaving room in others luggage for other items.

Winter Storage - There's a lot of gear you won't use during the winter.  Particularly gear you'd use only on an overnight trip.  Stash all that in a duffle bag and store it for winter.  Be sure if you have a down or primaloft bag you get it out of it's tight bag and store it in a loose so it's not compressed.  Clean up what you need to now, but be sure to clean plates, bottles and utensils just prior to your next ride.  TK/Dec06

Tidy up before you shoot - On a recent road trip I was photographing my bike in front of some nice mountains and other scenic views.  When I got home to look at the photographs I noticed the clutter from my tank bag and luggage scattered throughout the photos.  Next time I go for a ride and take pictures I'll be sure to tidy up before I shoot photographs.  PD/Nov 06

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