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Be A Two Wheel Romantic

Whether it's February, September, or any other given month, there's no time like the present to become a Two Wheel Romantic. Yes indeed, you ride a motorcycle, and perhaps you have a loved one now, or in the future, that will be that special one you will want to woo with your passion for motorcycling.

If your significant other rides, perhaps you think you can get away with a can of chain lube as a way to say, "I love you." Yeah right.

If your significant other does not ride, but is willing enough to sit on the back of your bike and read the latest Harry Potter novel, you might think you can get away with getting them a... backrest! Uh huh. Heh!

So let's take a moment and get creative. Never tell your lover you read this story because, as they say in the romance biz, originality is the art of never revealing your source.

And so here we go, numerous, highly unique ideas that say "I love you," with a twist of motorcycling involved of course. Are you ready? Good, now get out your check book.

1. Duh... - As you may have guessed it, probably one of the greatest ways to let someone know how much you care is to buy him or her a new motorcycle. You know the one he/she has been thinking of and since you've been raking it in, in stock dividends as of late (hey, even Microsoft is paying dividends now), it's time to pony up for that new machine. Manufacturer incentives are at an all time high with cash back deals, low interest rates and some companies even make your first series of payments for you.

But to top it all off, go for the gusto and be sure to include a lovely ring on the key chain. After all, he or she may only have the bike for a set amount of time, but a diamond is forever.

2. An Overseas Motorcycle Tour - Ah yes, get away from the US and enjoy all the rest of the world has to offer. Indeed it's a great time to travel with airfares that can't be beat. It seems like we take the rest of the world so seriously sometimes, we forget there are motorcycle tours abroad that are worth taking the time to get away for. The rule of thumb is if you expect to go for a short time, like two weeks, you're better off renting a bike when you arrive. If you plan to ride longer you can ship your bike there. Edelweiss Tours provides tours all over the world. Berklay Express provides shipping of your motorcycles to anywhere.

3. Commit It To Paint - Some think commitment means getting married, or getting a tattoo. But come on...u know what true commitment is. It's committing your love for one another by way of... u guessed it... ur paint job. Get a custom paint job on the bike that says, "I love you" to everyone around you. That includes loved ones, friends and neighbors; and of course everyone walking though the parking lot of McDonald's when you happen to be there too.

4. Electric Clothing - You live in the Northwest and dangit, it's cold sometimes. But electric clothing makes all the difference in the world and your significant other will think of you every time he or she is wrapped in electric clothing. In fact, pick up a pair for yourself while you're at it. The end result is that you'll find yourselves on the road more often in the colder months. You might think it's just a pipe dream, but you actually can ride a motorcycle in the Northwest all year long (sans ice and snow). Have you ever noticed (no joke) there are always a couple of sunny days in January. Seriously, why miss out on a great riding day together just because it's forty degrees out side?

5. A Motorcycle Charm Bracelet - A simple bracelet that you and your jeweler can whip up. If you're a couple that cherishes those long trips of the past as much as you do grandchildren, take a moment to create the perfect charm bracelet that reminds your significant other of the places you've been together on two wheels. Can you imagine some people's charm bracelets? Like that one that Mrs. Harley-Davidson wears that has charms for Sturgis, Daytona, Laughlin, Hollister and of course the Monroe swap meet.

Another concept for a charm bracelet is if your significant other has had several (dozen?) motorcycles over the years. Have a charm for every bike owned.

Okay, so guys don't wear charm bracelets. In that case get him an embroidered tie!

6. Two Wheel Trip Kit - Buy him, or her, a new tank bag. Fill it full of maps, brochures and goods about the place the two of you are going to travel together to on your dime. For instance, suppose you were going to take your lover on an overnight to Winthrop. You might fill it with a map, some sunscreen and two tickets to the rodeo. Or how about a trip to Sunrise on Mt. Rainier? You might fill the bag with... map, some sunscreen... an ice axe and crampons. You get the picture.

7. Moto Roses - As for the standard romantic recipe, this begins with a dozen roses, but you will augment it from there. Each rose has a tag attached with a location written on the tag. The roses are accompanied with a card that says, "Choose one location from these twelve and that's where we will ride on a sunny day." If you're retired you can put just about anywhere on those tags. But if you're slaving away forty hours a week, you might want to keep it simple with tags that read Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, or the UffDa Shop in Stanwood (of course throw in a tour of Camano Island for good measure).

8. Two Wheel Romantic Coupon - A simple coupon you can create using any version of Microsoft Publisher, or just using your own scrawl on some parchment, letterhead or a paper towel. The text goes something like this: "This coupon redeemable for a trip of up to 100 miles each way from our home. The Presenter will provide a picnic lunch made to the liking of the recipient." If that's not easy enough, I'm having a hard time wondering what is.

9. Get Outta Here Ticket - This is simple. It's not always great to ride together. In fact, as we've often said before, your motorcycle is your meditation machine. This ticket entitles the bearer some time to themselves to leave, go wherever they want, do whatever they want and not even have to report about where they went, or what they did upon return. Spooky huh?

10. Have Dinner In Your Garage - Yep, that's it, the dining area moves to the garage for a one time only dinner. At least this way your lover will be able to boast to friends about how ya'll had a three way. Remove the spark plugs from the bike and insert candles, your dealer will love you for it.

11. The Old Balloon Trick - Simply take a balloon and attach it to your loved one's bike. Sharpie anything you want (however I might refrain from something like "it's your turn to do the dishes") that screams your love and desire.

12. Mirror Mirror - Here's one that's really cheap, but always puts a smile on someone's face. Using Lipstick, place a big heart on the left mirror and write a special message on the right.  Might be nice to leave some Windex and a cleaning cloth nearby.

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