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Joe Rocket GPX Jacket

While we’ve never been impressed with the textile gear Joe Rocket cranks out, their leather gear has always had far superior construction. The new GPX jacket is black and comes in four trim options - grey, blue, red, yellow. The upper chest area is perforated for hot days, so you’ll need a little rain gear on wet days.

The Stealth Sport Pant is the only leather match in the lineup for the Jacket. Not sure why?

MSRP: $330    Category: Apparel
GM    10/2019  

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Michelin Commander III V-Twin Tire Line

Just in time for the end of riding season, Michelin has introduced a line of tires aimed at the V-Twin market. Evolving there previous Commander II tire, the latest iteration is the Commander III. Michelin developed this tire line to optimize riding enjoyment with a focus on improving the tread life and wet grip versus the already widely accepted Commander II tire line.

If you already stored your bike for winter, check those tires and get a set on order.

MSRP:    Category: Tires
TM    10/2019  

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Techniche Evaporative Cooling Vests - Basic Model Update

Techniche has updated their popular cooling vests making them available in six colors - silver, black, hi-viz, blue and now khaki and pink.

The vests should be an essential part of any riders arsenal when touring from late spring to early fall. They certainly make the difference between an enjoyable ride, or one that could be frought with sunstroke.

MSRP: $48    Category: Apparel
PT    05/2019  

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Barbusters AERO GP Lever Protector

Designed for street and track bikes to protect the brake and clutch levers from accidental contact while riding or racing.

Barkbusters will tell you straight out, these are NOT designed for impact protection. Thus, in the event of a crash you can expect the lever protector to break, and then perhaps the lever as well. We're not sure where your hand will fit into all this???

MSRP: $105    Category: Parts/Accessories
GM    05/2019  

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Socket Roll

Patented “locking” stitch mechanism keeps sockets secure Easy to read sizes for quick access. Wrench slots on the back for added fastener removal/install options. Convenient carrying handle and hook/loop strap handle. High quality, durable and fluid resistant material. Plastic backing for added form and durability.

We like it. Think of the times you've needed to access various sized sockets, but moving an entire tool box around is a total pain in the back. MSRP shown below is for the PRO model. See the website for more details.

MSRP: $70    Category: Luggage/Storage
GM    03/2019  

For more information visit

Nelson-Rigg 1060 Commuter Tail Bags

Updated for 2019, these tail bags come in three sizes. Lite (small), Sport (medium), Touring (large) giving you options depending on if you're just making day rides, doing an overnight or multi-day trip. MSRP shown is starting price.

We've been testing Nelson-Rigg luggage for 20 years. They build some of the best built products in the motorcycle luggage category today and have consistantly outdone the competition. Try and find some locally if you can so you can see it first hand before you buy, and support your local dealer.

MSRP: $90    Category: Motorcycles
PT    02/2019  

For more information visit

Kuryakyn Riot Grips

The latest addition to Kuryakyn’s MX-inspired Riot foot controls features castled aluminum end caps and collars to keep the collection’s signature rugged styling on point. Riot grips employ Kuryakyn’s premium EPDM rubber compound with subtle diamond knurling to eliminate vibration and ensure confident grip in all riding conditions. The thin profile helps keep arm fatigue at bay while providing a commanding feel for the motorcycle. Available for H-D fly-by-wire models. A universal system is also available.

In the Pacific Northwest it pays to have heated grips. These grips are stylish in their own way and built tough. At just $90, they're probably one of the least expensive add-ons you can put on a H-D or otherwise.

MSRP: $90    Category: Electronics
GM    01/2019  

For more information visit

CRUISETEC™ tires by Metzeler

With the new CRUISETEC™, METZELER extends its successful V-Twin range towards performance-oriented use. This tire upgrades the handling of current and older motorcycles, featuring remarkable grip even in wet conditions, ground breaking performance and innovative stability features. CRUISETEC™features revolutionary characteristics for tread pattern, compound recipe and carcass specifications in the production of tires for V-Twin motorcycles.

Well, getting better handling on a bike is great to have, but those tread patterns are the cat's meo when it comes to riding in wet conditions. Time will tell how that new compound recipe fares in terms of mileage. Price varies by tire size.

MSRP:    Category: Tires
GM    12/2018  

For more information visit

The Harley-Davidson Story

The Harley-Davidson Story is a remarkable piece that engages audiences in the rich history of a well-respected American company. As told through Harley’s museum collection, which opened in 2009, the book tells its incredible tale through the museum’s displays and archive assets. Readers will love to explore the history and visuals that work harmoniously to illustrate one of the greatest motorcycle stories. As a true story that proves intelligence, spirit, and innovation, this visually driven piece will both educate and amaze anyone who can recognize the iconic Harley-Davidson logo.

Access to the motor company’s archives has been scant at best over the years. But the museum opens up some of the secrets that have been in the vault until now. While this book makes a perfect companion to a trip to the museum, many of us won’t make that trip, so this is about as good as it gets. A perfect gift to another enthusiast, or perhaps you owe it to yourself?

MSRP: $40    Category: Books
TK    11/2018  

For more information visit

Cardo PAKTALK 15

With an all-new, always-on, natural voice operation feature, you will never have to press a button, turn a wheel or move a slider again, because Cardo has just empowered your voice. Whether you ride with a buddy or in a group of up to 15, just say “hey Cardo”, and your PACKTALK BOLD will do the rest.

This is Cardo’s new top-of-the-line intercom and it’s packed full of bells and whistles. To round it out, the company worked together with engineers at JBL to build the highest quality speakers imaginable. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out the PACKTALK SLIM. The tradeoff is shorter battery life on the latter.

MSRP: $330    Category: Electronics
GM    10/2018  

For more information visit

Bell Star helmet with MIPS

Drawing inspiration from the essential needs of the modern racer, and loaded with quality features – TriMatrix composite shell, MIPS energy management, Xstatic liner, and Panovision Class 1 optics – the newest Bell Star is a complete rethinking of what a race helmet should be.

Beyond the track, the Bell Star is a solid performer. While we can’t get into the details here, but sure to explore the Bell website and learn about what the MIPS technology is that incorporated into this helmet. No one else has it. Six different graphics are available, other than black and white, there are no other solid colors available. Price shown is base colors. Graphics cost more.

MSRP: $470    Category: Helmets
GM    10/2018  

For more information visit

2018 Honda CB650F

Honda started with the engine from our popular CBR650F. Offering an 11,000 rpm redline, they gave it shorter gear ratios to ensure some rigorous acceleration through the midrange. Revised intakes and a free-breathing exhaust mean more peak power too. In short, it’s a blast to ride. And check out those 4-into-1 exhaust pipes—a styling touch to one of the most iconic Hondas ever, the CB400F Supersport.

This isn’t a bike everyone is talking about, but like Yamaha’s FZ6 from the mid 2000’s what you’ve got here is a wolf un-dressed in sheep’s clothing. What’s different from the legendary 400, and lets count the CB1 400 Four from the mid-eighties as well, is that unlike it’s smaller siblings which were dogs when it came to touring, this bike has the gumption needed for the extra weight and wind resistance that lies ahead. A perfect bike for a new riders looking to grow into a mid-sized bike, or someone who does want the power of a liter bike.

MSRP: $8,249    Category: Motorcycles
TM    10/2018  

For more information visit

Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

Jack Riepe’s follow-up to his previous book that sometimes involved his first motorcycle - Conversations with a Motorcycle, the well-loved, well-loathed humorist is at it again filling in some of the blanks from the first installment about his post pubescent years as a young truck loader/wanna-be-writer living in New Jersey.

If you made it through the first installment and out the other side, finding it totally entertaining, then it's time for you to travel back in time as Riepe ties together some of the loose ends from the first pass. Alas, this is not an Iliad to an Odyssey, but you might be glad to know - there's at least one more installment in this series coming at a later date.

MSRP: $20    Category: Books
TK    10/2018  

For more information visit

Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS

The next evolution of Trail Tech's most popular off-road GPS features Buddy Tracking, allowing you to know where other riders are during your ride. It incorporates Bluetooth for phone and media connection, has a 4" color touchscreen, and full vehicle integration allowing you to see speed and RPM’s. Comes pre-loaded with USA maps.

Trail Tech continues to evolve their GPS offerings. This one is their most advanced to date. While it can help you follow a GPS track, what it can’t do is provide turn by turn directions on the screen. Additional maps are available for other countries including the rest of the America’s, Africa, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

MSRP: $600    Category: Electronics
TM    10/2018  

For more information visit

Givi GRT709 Luggage

As the soft adventure luggage market continues to develop with offerings from a number of Pacific Northwest companies, leave it to Givi, one of the world’s largest makers of motorcycle luggage, to join in. Based on all their evaluations of the others, comes the GRT709 35 liters soft bags incorporating an outer shell that has a higher than normal resistance to UV rays. The units connect easily to Givi’s UNIFIT mounting system.

The battle continues in the soft luggage market and Givi has been out testing the competitors. With the research and funding behind this global company, they may have something on the leading edge here. The end result is a solid system that incorporates all the latest in tech. You’ll need to call around if you want to see them in person. Price shown is per pair.

MSRP: $699    Category: Luggage/Storage
TK    10/2018  

For more information visit



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