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The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles (Ian Falloon)

If you are a fan of the marque, this might be a nice addition to your coffee table. Author Ian Falloon has authored countless guides to various motorcycle manufacturers and model specific compendiums. His work leaves no stones unturned and is melded together with top of the line photography.

This is actually the next addition. Previously published in 2015, BMW has brought to market several new models including the R1250 series, a scrambler and the 310 series. Out with the old and in with the new?

MSRP: $55    Category: Books
PT    06/2020  

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Frazier Shrugged (Greg Frazier)

For more than three decades Greg Frazier has been contributing tales culled from his six navigations around the world on two wheels. But with the recent victims of the digital publishing era, a number of his columns have been lost to the death of print. And we will no longer see new columns from him printed in the pages of Motorcycle Consumer News, City Bike, and others - because - they are gone.

As moto journalists age, books like this one are going to be few and far in between. Can you name a 40 y.o. moto journalist/humorist who has something in the works? Get one for you and one for a friend.

MSRP: $25    Category: Books
SR    05/2020  

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Motley Tube

Face masks have become essential for all humans and will be that way for a while longer. But for many motorcyclists they already had that base covered when they opened their drawer and pulled out their neck tube. As effective as a cloth face mask, neck tubes also offer protection around the neck, can be configured to be worn over the head and offer an added layer of insulation on top of the body.

If you have yet to experience a bee entering your jacket from the collar, we can tell you from experience it’s no fun. Ride safe and be safe.

MSRP: $12    Category: Apparel
GM    04/2020  

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Dr. Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer

With the onset of COVID-19, washing your hands has become all the rage. And when you can’t wash you can use hand sanitizer. A lot of hand sanitizers on the market are chock full of chemicals and unknown types of goo. Fortunately, Dr. Bronner’s, a leader in organic body products has brought to market an all organic hand sanitizer made with organic ethyl alcohol, organic glycerin water and organic scent. That’s it.

Two scents are available – peppermint and lavender. The 2-ounce spray bottle makes it easy to travel with. You could store one easily in your jacket pocket. You can also spray the product into your gloves, onto a microfiber towel for cleaning a phone or other items you handle frequently.

MSRP: $6    Category: Apparel, Hygeine
PT    03/2020  

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Joe Rocket GPX Jacket

While we’ve never been impressed with the textile gear Joe Rocket cranks out, their leather gear has always had far superior construction. The new GPX jacket is black and comes in four trim options - grey, blue, red, yellow. The upper chest area is perforated for hot days, so you’ll need a little rain gear on wet days.

The Stealth Sport Pant is the only leather match in the lineup for the Jacket. Not sure why?

MSRP: $330    Category: Apparel
GM    10/2019  

For more information visit

Michelin Commander III V-Twin Tire Line

Just in time for the end of riding season, Michelin has introduced a line of tires aimed at the V-Twin market. Evolving there previous Commander II tire, the latest iteration is the Commander III. Michelin developed this tire line to optimize riding enjoyment with a focus on improving the tread life and wet grip versus the already widely accepted Commander II tire line.

If you already stored your bike for winter, check those tires and get a set on order.

MSRP:    Category: Tires
TM    10/2019  

For more information visit

Techniche Evaporative Cooling Vests - Basic Model Update

Techniche has updated their popular cooling vests making them available in six colors - silver, black, hi-viz, blue and now khaki and pink.

The vests should be an essential part of any riders arsenal when touring from late spring to early fall. They certainly make the difference between an enjoyable ride, or one that could be frought with sunstroke.

MSRP: $48    Category: Apparel
PT    05/2019  

For more information visit

Barbusters AERO GP Lever Protector

Designed for street and track bikes to protect the brake and clutch levers from accidental contact while riding or racing.

Barkbusters will tell you straight out, these are NOT designed for impact protection. Thus, in the event of a crash you can expect the lever protector to break, and then perhaps the lever as well. We're not sure where your hand will fit into all this???

MSRP: $105    Category: Parts/Accessories
GM    05/2019  

For more information visit

Socket Roll

Patented “locking” stitch mechanism keeps sockets secure Easy to read sizes for quick access. Wrench slots on the back for added fastener removal/install options. Convenient carrying handle and hook/loop strap handle. High quality, durable and fluid resistant material. Plastic backing for added form and durability.

We like it. Think of the times you've needed to access various sized sockets, but moving an entire tool box around is a total pain in the back. MSRP shown below is for the PRO model. See the website for more details.

MSRP: $70    Category: Luggage/Storage
GM    03/2019  

For more information visit

Nelson-Rigg 1060 Commuter Tail Bags

Updated for 2019, these tail bags come in three sizes. Lite (small), Sport (medium), Touring (large) giving you options depending on if you're just making day rides, doing an overnight or multi-day trip. MSRP shown is starting price.

We've been testing Nelson-Rigg luggage for 20 years. They build some of the best built products in the motorcycle luggage category today and have consistantly outdone the competition. Try and find some locally if you can so you can see it first hand before you buy, and support your local dealer.

MSRP: $90    Category: Motorcycles
PT    02/2019  

For more information visit



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