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Use our extensive directory to find motorcycle service providers here in the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety

19689 7th Ave. NE, PMB 120    Poulsbo, WA
Phone: (360) 779-6378

Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety offers several different levels of training including their “First Ride” class for the absolute beginner who wants a more personal, unhurried introduction to motorcycling; through the license waiver courses (Basic RiderCourse™, Intermediate Rider Training, Basic & Advanced Sidecar/Trike classes); and their higher-level classes like the Advanced RiderCourse™. Their signature class is the new On-Street Course™ where they actually take you out onto public roads to teach you the things they just can’t learn in a parking lot. Motorcycle license ENDORSEMENT TESTING is also available twice each month. The staff averages over 10 years of experience in teaching rider education courses, using the most advanced instructional methods available. Whether you’re just learning to ride, or want to IMPROVE your riding skills, explore your options with PNWMS. Locations in North Seattle, Auburn, Silverdale and Sequim.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Motorcycle education

Vallantine Motor Works

3909 Aurora Ave N    Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 781-7945

Vallantine Motor Works has specialized in BMW Service for more than three decades. We also take on others makes and models during the slower months. Whether you need a level 1, 2 or 3 service, or a full restoration, visit our website today and contact us about your needs.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Specializing in BMW repair and service from ancient to super modern

Lowside Towing

    Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 696-1849

Lowside has been providing safe, reliable transport for Seattle area riders since 2009. We only tow scooters and motorcycles and we have the equipment and experience to make sure your bike arrives at the shop without the damage that can happen with other methods. Have your bike picked up and delivered to your shop of choice, or back to your residence. Ask any of the shops in town and they’ll tell you, Lowside is the best!

Visit the website:
Services provided: Motorcycle Towing

Moon Motorcycles

1204 Bendigo Blvd N    North Bend, WA
Phone: (425) 295-7469

Moon Motorcycles is a family owned and operated dealership, specializing in the buying and selling of used motorcycles. Visit our website to view a cherry selection of great bikes from all the best manufacturers. We also do service. Have you got a bike you need to sell? Contact us today.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Used Bike Sales & Service

The MotoFit Group

13023 NE Highway 99, Suite 7-23    Vancouver, WA
Phone: 503-806-4378

One of the Pacific Northwest's top-rated track day event schools offers a number of track days each year in the Pacific Northwest, as well as California. Come improve your skills and learn safety for wherever you ride. More smiles per mile.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Track Days

Evergreen Safety Council

12545 135th Ave. NE    Kirkland, WA
Phone: (425) 814-3868

Evergreen Safety Council is the Northwest’s longest running safety training organization, serving the Puget Sound for over 70 years. ESC focuses on the student learning experience and strives to provide the best atmosphere to learn in. They also provide Scooter and Sidecar/Trike training, as well as Women’s Only classes. Evergreen has 7 ranges located in Kent, Renton, and Kirkland with the wide choice of weekend or weekday scheduling. In providing the complete package, Evergreen works with Lake Washington Technical College, the only nationally certified motorcycle maintenance/repair training facility in the Northwest.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Motorcycle education

Cascade Motorcycle Safety

PO Box 25301    Seattle, WA
Phone: (360) 969-1710

Cascade Motorcycle safety is the North Sound's premier motorcycle training facility, offering beginning, intermediate and advanced rider training classes. We also offer endoresement testing for Washington State residents.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Motorcycle education

Truitt Motorcycle Education

    Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-595-0096

Truitt Motorcycle Education specializes in two areas - Rider Training and Self-Service education. Work with our instructiors to improve your riding ability, or learn how to wrench your own bike. Classes are available in both one-on-one and group formats. See the website for more details.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Education, Service Training

All Moto Tire LLC

    Graham, WA
Phone: (253) 224-4716

Taking pride in providing sales and service and serving Western Washington since January 2007. AMT sells and mounts all types of motorcycle-related tires. They also provide wheel, brake, and wheel bearing service. All Moto strives to take the very best care of their customers, ensuring each customer is treated with fairness and respect. They ride too, so they understand the importance of your motorcycle and your safety. All Moto is an authorized retailer of Heidenau dualsport tires and Vee Rubber vintage tires.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Tire sales and replacement

Giant Loop

63025 OB Riley Road, Suite 17    Bend, OR
Phone: (888) 358-8347

Looking for a way to travel light and not have to install mounting hardware. Check out the full line of Giant Loop luggage options.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Luggage & Accessories

Happy Trails

7577 Lemhi St    Boise, ID
Phone: (800) 444-8770

Happy Trails has a long standing reputation as one of America's headquarters for quality adventure touring luggage. Over the years they have added an extensive line of accessories for many makes and models. Shop their store, or check them out online.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Motorcycle luggage and accessories

Café Veloce

12514 120th Ave NE    Kirkland, WA
Phone: (425) 814-2972

Yum, Italian food with a racing edge. Enjoy the classic vintage motorcycles at Veloce as you eat delicious dishes. A great spot for a club meeting, ride start or end. Save 10% on your check when you ride your motorcycle in.

Visit the website:
Services provided: Restaurant with European motorcycle racing theme


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