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Tips and Tricks for Motorcyclists


A monthly column of selected favorites from our vast archive.


Remember to breathe
Breathing is obviously not something we can think about every moment of the ride. But not getting enough air in our system can lead to drowsiness and loss of focus. If you notice yourself losing focus during a ride, try taking a few long deep breaths and exhaling them slowly as well. Four sets of four seconds in, four seconds out does wonders for bringing your focus back around.

Separate your vehicle keys
Keys have a way of vibrating in the ignition when the bike is in flight. Over time, this can wear down the tumbler and cause the ignition to fail later. You don't want that to happen. The safest bet is to keep your vehicle key on its own separate key fob so it has the least amount of shake working against it when on the road. This is a good tip for your car keys as well.

Highway bars
It may seem that having Highway Bars installed on your bike is a great way to relieve stress when you’re out on a boring straight road. But, even boring, straight roads have a way of dishing up a deer, porcupine, tumble weed or otherwise. Without your feet on the pegs ready to apply the pressure of your body, you’ll find it very inconvenient to try and quick-stop the bike. If you’re not comfortable on your bike for long stretches using the standard foot pegs that came with it, it may be time for a few adjustments or a different bike.

Riding later in the day
Unless you’ve been riding 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for the last month, chances are you’re not as sharp at the end of the day as you are when you start your ride in the morning. Be mindful of this when making moves in traffic and notice the signals your body is giving you. Did you notice your shoulders are tight, you seem a little more unsure of yourself? Be sure to stop and take a break when these signals become apparent.

Make notes, create your own tips and tricks
The next time you pick up your tablet, or a magazine to read your favorite motorcycle publication, grab a notepad too. Each time you read something that strikes as a good point or tip, jot it down. Then write your tips and tricks down and send them to us. If we use one, we’ll send you a copy of Packing Light/Packing Right.

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