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Yamaha Motorcycles Street Event - Skagit


Moto Event Highlights in the PNW and Beyond

Summer is in full swing. Time to jump onto the motorcycle to go do what we like to do best - ride and check out bikes! Make your plans now.


  Around the Pacific Northwest

Destination: Central Oregon

Imagine if you had 5 days to go ride some of the best motorcycling roads in the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention all the other see-and-dos and scrumptious food along the way. Central Oregon is calling.

Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour 2022

Registration is open for the Grand Tour that will have you noshing at restaurants all over the Pacific Northwest and discovering roads you may have never ridden before. Learn more and register now.

Idaho's Scenic Byways

Make your way from Lewiston/Clarkston to the Utah border on 4 of the most beautiful roads in the Pacific Northwest.

Riding Oregon's Barlow Trail

Sections of the Barlow Trail in the shadow of Mt. Hood offer fun pavement and dual sport options. Who will be the ADV Gaucho of  the Forest?!


County Loop: Asotin Dual Sport Ride

Need to break away for a dual sport adventure on the east side? Look no further.

 Beyond the Pacific Northwest

Ailments and Solutions

Hip pain, foot trouble, leg cramps, sleepy hands, ailing knees, the dreaded sciatica… The list is long of joint and muscle ailments that can creep up on you during any given ride. 

We've got solutions.


ARCHIVE FAVORITE: Electrical Gremlins

How ready are you for the moment when your headlight, tailight, or blinker lights fail?

ARCHIVE FAVORITE: Motorcycle Smartphone Photography

Everyone has a camera nowadays. But until you learn some basics, your photos are probably lagging behind the pros. A few simple tips will notch your skills up a level or two.

  Regular Features and Columns

The Sound RIDER! Show

SHOW - We cover the latest Pacific Northwest motorcycling news and events. Enjoy discussions about current happenings and interviews with local businesses and key players. A smartcast for smart riders.


UPDATED - Where to watch flat track racing, bike nights, club rides for non-members, and more. Do you need an excuse to ride? We can help.

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Used Bikes

BUY USED - Looking for a used bike? We've got hundreds across all makes, models, and styles. Updated often.

Tips & Tricks

NEW - an all-new round of sensible ideas for the sensible rider. That's you, right?


UPDATED - Check out the latest books, dealer specials, newest products, and coolest events.

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