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Yamaha Motorcycles Street Event - I-90


Slow Ride Home

The award winning documentary is now streaming. 3,700 miles in 11 days. Scoots aren't just for short trips...

  Around the Pacific Northwest

My Life in Bikes

Longtime PNW shop owner, Dave Richardson has retired and released not one, but two books about his four decades in the motorcycle business.

2020 SR! Event Updates

Rally in the Gorge moves to 2021, but the Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour and Road Trip Cascades Super 8 are a go! Get the details.

Easing back into it

As the region begins to open up, what should you consider when you ride now?

Sorting out Washington State's new endorsement process - Part 2

With a new structure in place, training prices now vary by region in Washington State. Read Dave Wendell's update.

 Sound RIDER! Events

Ride anytime from now through summer. Knock off each cafe one at a time while enjoying the great food and roads that await you along the way.

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For five days in June you'll tour the interior, west, and east sides of the North Cascades. Each day there will be ample time provided to explore interpretive sights, museums, panoramic views, awesome side roads and much more that is simply missed while trying to complete the typical North Cascades Scenic Loop in 1-2 days.

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Rescheduled due to COVID-19 - Whether you ride a sport bike, dual sport, sport touring mount, or adventure bike, there's something for everyone at the Rally in the Gorge. Advance registration is open now.

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 Beyond the Pacific Northwest

Offsetting your moto carbon footprint

Riding motorcycles for leisure (travel) or as a sport (track riding) does add to the columns of carbon shot into the atmosphere. But there are ways to offset that.


Frazier Shrugged

Seasoned moto journalist Dr. Gregory Frazier spent the winter compiling a number of columns about his 6 around-the-world motorcycle navigations into a single compendium. Live, laugh, and learn.

Read the review here

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OEM trial and error

It seems odd sometimes when a manufacturer who specializes in one bike type goes off in another direction

Custom motorcycle seats

The bad, the ugly, and making it good... - no, wait - making it GREAT!


Thinking about buying a new or used bike? Have you moved? Are you planning a long trip? Use our handy resource page to find out where to search for recalls on your bike.

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Rally in the Gorge


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