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2024 Intrigues

Let's see what happens

With new models dropping weekly, let's have a look at what's captured our interest in the coming year. There's plenty of new technology and upgrades so these bikes all earn the distinction of "Let's see what happens…"


R1300GS - Is the world ready for a 1300cc adventure bike? You have to hand it to BMW for giving it a shot, packing 145 horsepower into a 523-pound animal. Lightweight considering its output. At $20k this bike leaves the big spenders with another $20k to spend on accessories that won't be far behind. For those looking for something a little more manageable from the marque, hold out and wait for the upcoming F900GS.

CE02/CE04 - Several years ago BMW made a big deal of an electric motorcycle on the horizon that could drive itself on two wheels. Keep looking toward the horizon, but to get started the company has come up with not one, but two, electric scooters. Sure, scooter is a bad word, so instead they're known as Urban Mobility units. The CE04 will do 75mph. Hold on tight, the 0-60 # is enough to make your next stop be at the chiropractor. Alas, range on either scoot is really just about getting to work and back. Forget a multi hundred-mile weekend adventure.


Pulse/Origin - If you're going to enter the 2-wheel market in the 21st century, what better way to do it than with two electric offerings? It's too early for specs, but since few electric bikes can do more than 100 mile range, our guess is we can't get to an all-day ride on these and say it was much fun.

CF Moto

Anyone else reminded of Honda's rise to fame in the 60s when you see how this little company started off delivering small bikes to the market and is making big bike competition for the big guys now? Their dealer network just in the Puget Sound alone has grown to 8 locations, so parts and service is readily available.

700CLX- Looking for a bike that defies everything? The 700CLX looks like it might be a cruiser, dressed as a scrambler, wearing 90/10 dual sport tires parading with a total rear fender elimination. We're reminded of the introduction of the Vmax so long ago…


Transalp 750 - There's no doubt in any fan's mind, this bike has been a long time coming. When the 1000 was announced, it was just too much bike for us little guys to imagine doing much off-road with. And we wonder - why did Honda pull the original Africa Twin from the lineup at a time when the dual sport/adventure touring category was about to explode, instead of improving upon what they had? If you don't like black, make an appointment with your painter. The price is right at just $10k.


TF 250 - Triumph enters the dirt bike field this year with a top-of-the-line 250cc moto-crosser developed over the last 4 years with Ricky "The GOAT" Carmichael and a stellar R&D team. Why did Triumph want to enter the dirt bike arena? Not really sure, but if it means some important takeaways that transfer to lighter, more efficient adventure bikes, that can't be a bad thing.

400 lineup - And while we're at it, let's build a 400cc motor and sell it three ways! Hey, 10 years ago, no one had a 400cc bike in their lineup. We even ran an April Fools spoof about all the manufacturers coming to market with 400s. And sure enough, one by one, many did. And why sell a 250 when you can sell a 300 that will run down the freeway? So Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, and others did.

Triumphs introduction of 400s includes both a Speed and Scrambler model. With the Speed's price set at $5k, we just may see a few of these arrive on training ranges, much the way the Buell Blast did when it was introduced.

SR/January 24

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