2003 Daytona Race Parties

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Daytona Race Parties 2003

The time has come, it’s the unofficial signaling of riding season. Bike Week and Daytona.

The interest for the Daytona motorcycle races has increased to the point that even Best Buy is including a Yamaha rider in its insert advertising this month, the same way they do when they use baseball players in the spring and football players in late summer.

Locally the interest has increased to the point where there are a number of events going on in the area on Sunday.

The bad news is that in years past the races have typically been broadcast on delay to the West Coast, but because interest is so high, they will be broadcast live. Bad news? Well, that all depends on your weekend sleeping habits. See, the 10:30am EST 250GP races on Sunday will be on at 7:30am, so wake the heck up! If you have VCR+ take out your manual and learn how to use it. All races will be broadcast on the Speed Channel.

Friday’s schedule is a bit more reasonable with the Superstock class race at 11am and the 600 Supersport at 1pm. But you’re probably at work. Learn to work that VCR+ as the reruns happen in the wee hours on Saturday.

If you’re a dirt fan, there is a Supercross event on Saturday at 4:30pm with a rebroadcast at 10:30pm.

New this year will be BMW’s Boxer Cup race featuring all stock R1100S machines competing against each other. The unique thing is that they must all be setup the same way. No tricks. Thus it becomes a race of pure riding skills and nothing more. That race will be broadcast at 8:30am on Sunday…so wake the hell up! For more about the rules visit http://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/boxercup/rules.html

Now…(drum roll please) for many of you the Superbike races are what you’ve been waiting for. There will be a number of events going on around town, so don’t sit there at home and watch this race by yourself, get out and about and be at one of the following locations by about 9:30.


Washington Sport Riders will put on their second annual Daytona event at Funsters in the main room. It’s a large screen projected rig, the place has an excellent air system and there will be tons of door prizes.



Seattle Ducati will host their 5th annual Daytona party at Jillian’s in Seattle.

One event not happening locally this year is Eastside Motosports Daytona party at Rock Sport in West Seattle.  Instead Eastside is encouraging their customers to go to the event at Funsters.

So set your alarm, check the weather, make sure you’ve got gas in your tank and have a great Daytona weekend right here at home.

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