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Seattle International Motorcycle Show

This year's motorcycle show was one of the best we've seen in recent years.  The new Exhibition Hall near Safeco Field at Royal Brougham and Occidental is larger than the Convention Center, allowing many of the manufacturers and special presenters to spread out.  Due to the WTO events, many stayed home making the opening Friday night lightly attended.  Saturday and Sunday were well attended with many Portland folks making the trek up Saturday.  Parking is a dream at the new exhibition hall with a large garage in back.  Motorcycles parked free on the bottom floor of the garage.

Highlights from This Year's Show

AMA's tribute to impending legislature includes a sarcastic bike covered in all sorts of protective coverings making it virtually death proof.  Once again, AMA and others want to fight for your right to choose.

American Honda has some great new bikes and paint jobs coming for 2000.  A particular Sound Rider favorite is the Magna draped in yellow on black.  Another favorite is the orange on black 2000 CB 600 F4.

John McLeod and his re-named dealership, Indian Motorcycles of Seattle, brought down quite a bit of inventory to show.  His shop's custom abilities combined with the new Indians really shined here.

Jim Pelletier and Ken Lehman showed off the Sparrow Personal Transport Module this year at the Corbin booth.  The Sparrow is a three wheeled electric vehicle that will likely be classed as a motorcycle when the first ones are registered after delivery in 2000, thus it will also have status for the HOV lanes.

Ridewest BMW brought over a custom R1100 with a super paint job, Purple flames on Silver!  The BMW Police bike we see at the store sometimes also made an appearance

Vespa launched an official Seattle club this year.  With support coming from the manufacturer, they have acquired about 100 foot length and showed many of the cities finest.

VME had plenty of nice bikes on display once again this year, and unlike last year's show, they were much easier to see since the organization was granted about twice as much space and better lighting.  Having been born on a Mini Trail 50, I was happy to see this one here!

Team Extreme was here with no less than three ramps of excitement.  They ran about every hour and a half.

Biker Billy had his cooking show running.  Billy has a flare for comedy and a love for foods cooked high in fat with lots of hot stuff. 

Kawasaki's contribution to looks this year comes by way of a powder blue Drifter.  You'll either love it or hate it.  Still trying to figure out how this one made it out of R&D?

Bill Kennedy came in from South Bend with his V8 Boss Hoss.  These bikes are big, weighing in at around 1000 lbs. Boss Hoss' have a lust for petrol and the ability to catch your eye just when you'd thought you'd seen it all.

Patrick Thomas/Fall 99


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