Hang Time: Granite Falls Motocross Park Is Up In The Air

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Hang Time: Granite Falls Motocross Park Is Up In The Air - March 2nd Vote

Make your voice heard

by Derek Roberts

Nearly 10 years ago, Gary Strode, former professional MX racer and long time Washington motorcycle industry vet, started planning for a 79.2 acre, motocross park in Granite Falls, Washington. On Monday, March 2nd at 10:30 am, the Snohomish county council will be gathering to decide the fate of the proposed track.

Back in 2005, Gary was successfully running MXG, a similar operation located in Monroe, Washington. Though in business for nearly 5 years, conflicting political interest brought to the surface a supposed “illegal” use of land and the Monroe track was abruptly shut down. At the heart of the controversy, a murky “agricultural” land use designation and a few errant noise complaints.

Eager to continue in the industry and share his passion for riding with fellow enthusiasts, Gary quickly began to look for an alternate site. Acting on a tip about a 400+ acre plot of land one hour north of Seattle, he began envisioning a full scale, multi-track, motocross training and events center.

To Gary, the location seemed perfect. The 466 acre tract of land was more than enough for the envisioned park and all indications were that legally, the area was free of obstacles. Throw in the resounding support of local business and the community and Granite Falls seemed like the ideal spot.

Fast forward nearly a decade, encircled in red tape and it all comes down to Monday’s vote.

Hanging in the balance is whether or not the site, which is projected to take 5 years to complete and contain 5 separate motocross tracks, will be approved for development.

Mr. Strode is encouraging supporters to join him on March 2nd at 10:00 am (with the hearing to begin and 10:30 am) for what may well be the final say on the issue. The hearing and subsequent vote, will be held on the 8th floor at 3000 Rockefeller Avenue in Everett, Washington.

For those supporters that are unable to attend or for those that would like to make sure that their voices are heard, Gary and his partners are also encouraging cordial emails to each of the Snohomish county council members at the following addresses:

Monday’s vote amongst the 5 person county council is expected to be close. Be sure to, check back in the coming days at www.soundrider.com, for coverage of the outcome and more information on the proposed motocross park.

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