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Finding a way to improve an existing idea has lead to some of the world’s most useful inventions. TourUSA Motorcycle Rentals is no different. The idea of running motorcycle rentals out of a dealership has been around a long time.

The idea of offering rentals at RideWest BMW Motorcycles in Seattle has been shopped around in the past, but now this idea has come to reality through a supporting partnership between the two companies. Over the last several years many people have been in the position to start this venture but for various reasons were unable to. Some had the capital but not the enthusiasm; some had the passion but not the capital.

Now a group has come together to form TourUSA Motorcycle Rentals (253-445-1212), an independent company renting motorcycles out of RideWest BMW.

The founders and staff at TourUSA have been involved in all aspects of motorcycle safety training for over a decade and their success has been driven by a focus on customer service.

Some of the qualities that make TourUSA different are:

  • All rentals are a 1 day minimum, so you don’t have to rush to get back to the dealership under an hourly rate.

  • All the motorcycles come equipped with hard bags for no additional fee.

  • There are no mileage limitations – although renting a bike for the Iron Butt Rally is restricted.

  • You are offered a convenient Return Fuel Service prior to renting to save you time when bringing back the motorcycle.

Have you ever wondered why so many people like the BMW 1200GS? Rent one for several days and see what it's like to live with, this could be your next motorcycle. Ditto for any other model they have on hand.

Are you attending the Rally in the Gorge this summer and need something with more luggage space than your R6? Special deals are available for registered Rally participants.

Planning on heading to California to watch the MotoGP races? Why not rent a BMW R1200RT and travel in comfort? If time is an issue, you could rent one way and fly back.

TourUSA Motorcycle Rentals is partnering with select companies in the Pacific Northwest region as well. They have special deals arranged with Avid MotoTours for customers of their guided tours. They can also provide Adventure Motorcycles for Puget Sound Safety-Off Road’s Adventure Camps.

Pricing varies according to model and how many days rented. All the bikes are wired for GPS units and Garmin Zumo 220 units are available to rent. Because they are all the newest models, each motorcycle is covered by BMW Roadside Assistance. When renting a motorcycle the list of terms and conditions can be quite long but they’re a necessary evil. Check the TourUSA website for details. For international customers, arrangements can be made for licensing and insurance. The bikes are covered in Canada but cannot go to Mexico…for now.

If you’re making plans for a motorcycle trip and have questions regarding rentals in the Pacific Northwest, contact the staff at TourUSA Motorcycle Rentals or call 253-445-1212.

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