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Tales from the Road

What are we learning  on our own road trips that will simplify future trips for others?  Email us your tales from the road.

Cotton Hot Spots - We did some testing a few weeks back with Gerbings heated clothing using the Sound RIDER! base layers and a long sleeve cotton t-shirt in between. The results were interesting.  With the cotton t-shirt under the jacket over the base layer top I was actually colder than with the jacket over just the base layer.  Another interesting thing that happened were hot spots above the waist line where the cotton T would bunch up.  It was 30 degrees during the testing.  I finally dumped the cotton t and enjoyed a much warmer ride home.  TM/Jan07

Battery Charging - The book has some suggestions about batteries and dealing with charging them.  Now I'm starting to see AA chargers that run off of laptop USB ports hit the market.  DR/Jan 07

Ed. note:  We also like the new Energi to go units from Eveready that allow you to get an charge into a cell phone while you're on the move via the AA battery pod.

Never trust a local - When asking directions, don't always trust what you here.  Be sure to carry a reliable road atlas (like the one's Tom sells on the SR! store) so you know if roads are paved all the way through or not.  PT/Dec 06

Got Snore Strips? - You won't find snore strips on the PLPR packing list, but they're in there somewhere.  My girlfriend and I were touring on the Olympic Peninsula and she wanted me to wear a snore strip at night.  Why I can't figure out?  But anyway, I gave it some thought and realized I had one - sort of.  I snipped back a zip tie with my Leatherman tool, backed it with a little duct tape and bingo - there was my snore strip!  TM/Oct 06

Email us your tales from the road.

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