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Map out your 2018 PNW Moto Adventures

It's all here - track days, rallies, poker runs, fundraisers, shows, swap meets, film fests, racing, club rides, open rides, bike nights and more

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2018 is gonna be an awesome year for riding in the Pacific Northwest.

  Around the Pacific Northwest

2018 Dealer Directory

UPDATED - With nearly 200 OEM dealers in the Pacific Northwest, it's good to know whose got you covered wherever you ride. Sort by your manufacturer now to find out where they all are.

MOESOF Motorcycle Seat Adapters

NEW - Thin seats on dual sport bikes are fine when you get in the rough stuff. But what about on the highway getting to and from your destination points? One local entreprenuer has the answer.

2018 Sound RIDER! dates announced

NEW - Mark your calendars now for a fun year of riding ahead. Great rides, great locations and good times lie just around the corner.

Did weather turn you around?

NEW - Not sure you can handle our sometimes inclement Northwest weather conditions? See where you fit in and where you can graduate.

 Beyond the Pacific Northwest

2018 Model Overview

NEW - We're excited for many of the new models that will hit showroom floors starting this spring. Style, innovation and technology are at their highest levels yet. It's a great time to be a rider!

Trip Planning: Part 2

NEW - Planning a domestic trip? How about some international travel? Maybe a group tour? We've got tips on how to make the most of it before you go.

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The Motorcyclist Workout

ARCHIVE - Staying in shape is critical to balance and strength. Regardless of age, we all want to feel great when we go for a ride. You can do a simple free weight circuit at home, three times a week, and be there.

International Motorcycle Show

NEW - There's no IMS event in the Pacific Northwest this year, so we traveled to LA to see the only west coast appearance. And here's what we saw.

Becoming a daily commuter

NEW - As commuting habits change, we're seeing less and less motorcycle/scooter commuters. It's time to connect the dots and know how to do it right.


  Rider Know-How

Tips & Tricks

NEW - an all-new round of sensible ideas for the sensible rider. That's you, right?


Staying warm on your motorcycle

ARCHIVE - Our archived favorite provides the tips you need to stay warm on your next ride.

Road Science: Cornering Control

ARCHIVE - David Hough gets into the science of controling your motorcycle through the corners.

  2018 Sound RIDER! Events

Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour, March 1 - September 30

15 Tasty cafes spread across the entire Pacific Northwest. Hit each target at your leisure, enjoy delicious food, and live to tell about it.

Road Trip GPS Tour, May 21-25

It's year 10 and we're going to look at Oregon in a whole new way. Enjoy some of the best back roads in the PNW and experience some interesting sights. We provide the route and a good time, you ride at your own pace.

Sasquatch Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour, June 11-15

Our 13th Annual Squatch Tour celebrates the Oregon Cascades and hidden parts of Central and Eastern Oregon as we search for the Fuzzy One. We provide the route and a good time, you ride at your own pace.

The 16th Annual Rally in the Gorge, August 22-26

SWEET 16! Join us in the Columbia River Gorge for 5 days of riding, 4 nights of camraderie, 3 stunning volcanoes, and TOO MUCH FUN!

  Regular Features and Columns

The Sound RIDER! Show

SHOW - Tom and Derek cover the latest Pacific Northwest motorcycling news and events. Enjoy discussion about current happenings and interviews with local businesses and key players. Grab your headphones and enjoy.


UPDATED - Where to watch Moto GP, club rides for non-members and more. Do you need an excuse to ride? We can help.

News Bytes

LIVE FEED - Find out what's happening daily with updates as they happen. We keep it informative and fun all month long.

Hot Deal Bikes

BUY NEW - New, non-current bikes at great prices, many with warranties. If you were thinking twice about buying new - think again.

Used Bikes

BUY USED - Looking for a used bike? We've got hundreds across all makes, models, and styles.


UPDATED - Check out the latest dealer specials, newest products, and coolest events.

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Dualsport Northwest Rally


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