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Yamaha Motorcycles Street Event - AMS


Team Oregon: Crunching the numbers

Taking a look at the latest statistics coming out of Oregon, it becomes clear - their  mandatory training and advanced rider programs are making a difference.

  Around the Pacific Northwest

Dave Eady

NEW - Following a brief cameo on American Pickers, we felt it was important to dive in a little deeper with one of the stellar ambassadors to motorcycling in the Pacific Northwest

Desert Valley Powersports

NEW -  Dan Denchel and his team arrive on the other side of the new economy with new lines and a new way of doing business

Get To Know Your Bike Day

NEW - There's more than one way to train a rider, and one dealer has a formula that's been providing an option for nearly a decade now

Giant Loop in 2017

NEW - The little start-up that could has come a long way from its early days of creating inventive gear for medium-sized dual sports

The Tail of the Three Sisters

ARCHIVE - A beautiful mountain range in the Oregon Cascades holds some roads near and dear to riders' hearts

 Beyond the Pacific Northwest


ARCHIVE - What can you learn from watching crash videos on YouTube? RNickeyMouse thinks quite a bit


ARCHIVE - A stunning riding destination from late summer into early fall. But should you ride when you get there?

Tire repair is like eating ribs - right?!

SENSIBLE SATIRE - you probably never figured it out, but making a tire repair is as wonderful as eating a nice slab of ribs. Really!

Long Term Gear Testing

We take a look at a few items we've been riding with for awhile now and see how they're holding up.

  2017 Sound RIDER! Events

The Rally in the Gorge: 8/23-27 2017

NEW - Details are coming together for the 2017 Rally in the Gorge. Click here to see what we know so far and to subscribe to the rally newsletter so you stay up to date as things progress. Registration is open now.


Sasquatch Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour: 9/18-21 2017

NEW - The route is set for an Olympic Peninsula Extravaganza. Enjoy four days on the Olympic Peninsula exploring, dining and sharing camaraderie

Cafe to Cafe 2017 - March through September

NEW - March 1st is when everyone can tee-off for the annual Cafe to Cafe Grand Tour. This year there are 18 cafes to hit. The front 9, the back 9, or hit all 18! Register today!

  Rider Know-How

Mastering the throttle

ARCHIVE - A critical key to a smooth ride lies in your right hand

Tips & Tricks

NEW - an all new round of sensible ideas for the sensible rider. That's you - right?

Reading the road

ARCHIVE - All the tricks they never taught you during rider training, that will have you knowing what's happening in advance

10 healthy, nutritious foods that pack well on your motorcycle

NEW - If we ate the way people did 200 years ago, we'd have a lot less diabetes, cancer and obesity. Here's how to get started on your next motorcycle ride.


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Dualsport Northwest Rally


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