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Yamaha Motorcycles Street Event - Ride


Land Speed Expo


Skagit Powersports tries something a little different for fall

Don't miss this rare display and a rare chance to see the movie Out of Nothing.

  Around the Pacific Northwest

Trev Deeley Museum: Make the Great Escape

One of the finest collections of motorcycles in the Pacific Northwest isn't in the U.S.: grab your passport, pack the bike and head to British Columbia for all the great eye candy.

Moto collections across the Pacific Northwest

NEW - We've updated an old favorite. The collections have moved around and we'll show you where they are. Get out and see some old bikes this fall and winter.

2017 Sound RIDER! Event Dates Announced

NEW - Our readers and riders have been chomping at the bit for our 2017 event dates. The Rally in the Gorge, Cafe to Cafe, Sasquatch and Road Trip Tour - all the dates are here!

2016 Sound RIDER! photo contest

NEW - It's time to look through all your pictures from your travels this 2016 and submit the best pics for our annual photo contest. May the best shooters win!

Mapping out your 2017 Moto Calendar

NEW - Many riders are already putting in vacation time, pouring over maps and books and looking forward to a great year of riding. Be sure you cover all the bases.


  Smart Thinking

The Motorcycle Safety/Danger Conundrum Part 1

David Hough takes a look at at the latest crash statistics and offers up some alternative thinking for riders to digest.

The choices we make

NEW - Imagine what it might be like to hit a rider and then take up the sport yourself a few years later...

New book for kids promotes the virtues of riding, teamwork and safety

NEW - Now that we've missed an entire generation of riders,one book publisher is seeing to it we don't again.

  Rider Know-How

Clutch cable cleaning and maintenance

Looking for a winter project that will ensure one less hassle on the road next year? Derek Roberts covers the finer details of cleaning and maintaining a clutch cable.


Back in the old days: Part 2

NEW - A look at the differences between touring now and 100 years ago.  Trust us - you've got it made compared to the old days.

  Regular Features and Columns

The Sound RIDER! Show

SHOW - Tom and Derek cover the latest Pacific Northwest motorcycling news and events. Enjoy discussion about current happenings and interviews with local businesses and key players. Grab your headphones and enjoy.


UPDATED - Do you need an excuse to ride? We can help.

News Bytes

LIVE FEED - Find out what's happening daily with updates as they happen. We keep it informative and fun all month long.

Hot Deal Bikes

BUY NEW - New, non-current bikes at great prices, many with warranties. If you were thinking twice about buying new - think again.

Used Bikes

BUY USED - Looking for a used bike? We've got hundreds across all makes, models and styles.

Tips & Tricks

EVOLVE - Low labor rates, kickstand pads, head wraps and neck ties, water consumption and bees.


UPDATED - Check out the latest dealer specials, newest products and coolest events.

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