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Yamaha Motorcycles Street Event - Hinshaws


100 + Honda Motorcycles arrive in Tacoma for Master Collector Exhibit

NEW - Master Collector Brown M. Maloney of Sequim, Washington, shares a fair chunk of his large Honda motorcycle collection at the new exhibit showing now at America's Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington.

  Around the Pacific Northwest

Covered Bridge Loop Ride

NEW - Oregon is home to more covered bridges than any other state west of the Rockies. Take a ride together with editor Andy Cherney and seek out these noble treasures along the west side of the Oregon Cascades.

Goodbye Moto International

NEW - Dave Richardson laments the passing of this iconic Pacific Northwest dealer. He also shares an interesting story you probably didn't know.

Snoqualmie Trident Dual Sport Ride

NEW - Derek Roberts reveals the three paths of travel along Snoqualmie's north, middle and south tentacles. Looking for a dual sport ride near Seattle? This is about as close as you'll get.

2019 Sound RIDER! Event Dates

NEW - It's that time of year when employers are hammering staff for 2019 vacation plans. Click through to see our schedule of moto events you'll surely want to be in on. Additional details of each are coming in the next issue.

Scouring the Scablands

NEW - Fall riding season is just beginning here in the Pacific Northwest. With cooler temps on the horizon, there's no better time to explore this awesome area of Washington state on pavement or dirt.

Monte Christo Super 8

NEW - A dual sport ride in the Columbia Gorge that will get you spinning around and around.

 Beyond the Pacific Northwest

Fall & Winter Moto Projects

NEW - Your bike may soon be going into suspended animation, but we have ways to help the two of you get a few things done as the colder days settle in.

Suzuki recalls majority of GSXR units sold between 2004-2013 with a $100 incentive

NEW - If you own a GSXR built between 2004-2013, you may need a new front brake master cylinder and Suzuki will pay you $100 to take care of the recall by November 30th.

2018 Photo Awards Call Out

NEW - It's that time of year when we corral all the best moto-photos and dole out the prizes. Give us your best shot from 2018.

Media Blitz

NEW - Times change, and the way we enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning has gone beyond stuffing our homes full of fireplace kindling. The time has come for you to re-tool your Sunday read.

In Search of Motorcycle Super Models

NEW - The trials and tribulations of finding riders to photograph from a journalist's point-of-view.

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The Sound RIDER! Show

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Dualsport Northwest Rally


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