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Sweet 16

The birthday party is on and you're invited to join in.

In July, Sound RIDER! turns 16 and we want you to join in on the fun. We'll be doing a number of articles to commemorate the magazine, the events, the online store and more.  In addition, we'll do a special netcast to commemorate the occasion.

We want to hear from you as we build all the content. Simply send us an email with one or more of the following tidbits:

1. Your earliest memory of Sound RIDER! Some people have been readers for the entire 16 years, but even if you picked up on Sound RIDER! more recently, we want to hear from you.

2. Classic Sound RIDER! moments. Did you experience a classic Sound RIDER! moment? Might have been Tom's 3rd U-turn on a led ride, the time lightning struck at the end of the rally, or the time we asked you to show us spare fuses during the 2011 Rally in the Gorge fun run. Share whatever comes to mind.

3. Favorite Sound RIDER! event or special guest. We've done a lot of events over 16 years including rallies, fun runs, swap meets and more. Along the way we've brought some top names in to be a part of it. David Hough, Clement Salvadori, Nick Ienatsch, Helge Pedersen, Reg Pridmore and more. Share a favorite.

4. Share an inspiration. Did you read an article that inspired you to take a ride, work on a skill more, or make a tweak to your bike? Tell us more.

5. SR! Store results. Over the years we've carried more than 800 items. Most of them work well, a few maybe not so much so. Tell us about your experience with an item.

Email your tidbits to and we'll compile them all together for the July issue.

It's roasting time

It's time to roast Tom. For the July 2015 broadcast of the Sound RIDER! Show, co-host Derek will spring 16 stories secretly shared to him by readers, putting Tom on the hot seat and then allow him to respond back to each. We don't want Tom to see any of these beforehand, so for this one, email your roasting comments to The funnier, the better.

The Birthday Celebration

The official birthday party is Thursday evening, August 28, and will be held in conjunction with our annual Rally in the Gorge. If you haven't done so already, register for the rally and join in on the fun all weekend long.

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