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2014 Model Review: Part 2

There’s no doubt, this is one of the most exciting times for new models in well over a decade. Considering there’s been so little to talk about in terms of new bikes in recent years, now we have to run this feature into two parts – it does lead one to wonder - is it time for a trade up, or make an addition to your stable?

(Click here if you missed part 1)

BMW R nineT

You know, the first time I saw this bike, I thought for sure I was looking at a one off. Leave it to BMW to bring a classic bit of iron to the party and spice up an already stellar lineup of European offerings.

Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore

Bring on the upgrades and bells and whistles. Harley’s latest redo of their touring lineup brings with it better ergonomics, more power, better cooling, new lines and plenty of techno gadgetry. Whether you’re a long time owner of the brand, or just getting into it, the 8 new models H-D is delivering make a perfect step-up from wherever you’re at.

Honda Valkyrie

It is the  return of an old friend to many. The loss of the Valkyrie from the Honda lineup in the early 2000’s, left a lot of jaws dropped and many hearts broken. Adding it back into the lineup is a testament to the loyalty metric cruiser owners had for the bike. It gets all new styling and continues to roll with Honda’s flat six motor. Although this year’s release ships naked, there is sure to be plenty of after-market add-ons to make it worthy of long range touring.

Suzuki Burgman 200

It was a success at 400, an even bigger success at 650, so it’s possible the 200 will be a success as well. What differentiates the 200 from its bigger brothers is its agility to handle around-town duty, but still pull highway speeds off and it may become a favorite among new riders looking for a shift free ride.

Yamaha FJR 1300ES

A long-time sport touring icon, just got better with adjustable electronic suspension. Ball that together with ABS, traction control, cruise control, an adjustable windscreen, adjustable Fuel Injection inputs and you’ve got a bike that screams Iron Butt.

Left behind?

Although not new for 2014, these bikes, delivered in 2013, deserve attention as well, in case you missed them.

Yamaha Bolt

The Bolt was the undisputed cruiser release of 2013. Retro styling and all the modern tech underneath, dealers had trouble keeping these on the floor.


BMW takes the HP marquee to its S model sport bike, delivering an even faster, higher performing S1000RR. The bike ships stock at 193 horsepower, so imagine what happens after the tuners get into it.

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