5 bikes not to miss

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5 bikes not to miss

Sound RIDER! is now entering our 12th year of presenting the Northwest Motorcycle Display at the International Motorcycle Show, held each December in Seattle.

We rarely ever repeat a bike and this year is no different. None of the bikes in this year’s exhibit have ever been shown in our display. They are all unique in their own way, ranging from mild to wild. This year’s display will feature 40 innovations that celebrate the creative genius of our Northwest motorcycling community.

Here are five you don’t want to miss.

CBR1800GLRR – By day, Cedric Smith is a tech at Everett Powersports. His nights and weekends are spent masterminding some of the most exotic creations we’ve seen since Russ Tom passed away.

This CBR1800GLRR utilizes a modified CBR600RR frame. The motor was replaced with one from a Gold Wing and then stretched. It’s a kick on the straights, at the track, and it’s also street legal.

Smith will have three other mind-blowers in the show including two Moto GP style bikes utilizing CRF motors and a TLR1000 street legal flat tracker. Support for this display, naturally, comes from Everett Powersports.

YAMAHA XS11 w/Kenna Sidecar – For those with sidecars living in the Northwest, they know the virtue. You can drive it in the snow and (carefully) under icy conditions. If you’re going to make a conversion, make it nice. This conversion by Rolf-Immo Gabbe is an inspiration to anyone thinking about doing a similar project.

We have several sidecar setups in this year’s display.

VICTORY CROSS COUNTRY (shown at top) – When Victory released the Cross Country it was all the rage. You either loved it or hated it. Gothic to the core with a motor design that was state of the art, it seemed like more than just a bike to those who bought it. The model celebrates an American company's ability to succeed where others have failed in recent years and Victory remains a strong contender in the cruiser touring market today.

This bike was repainted by Greg Herzberg as a tribute to his marine nephew. It’s called The Iron Cross.

YAMAHA XS 650 – The chopper. It can be just about anything you want it to be. Nick Maki has taken a simple street bike from Yamaha and carved out his own idea of what one can be. Rigid frame construction and use of a dual sport tread on the rear sounds like an oxymoron, but hey – it looks cool!

Enjoy this as well as more choppers in this year's display.

KAWASAKI Z1 – How to turn a standard into a sportbike? Owner Harry Gamble began by tossing the stock pipe and adding a Kerker, shaved the seat and rebored the motor. Start bike, say a prayer – HOLD ON!

This Z1 is one of several classic/modified Japanese bikes in the show this year.

Discount tickets for the show are available by clicking through the show ad banner on our home page. Be sure to use the promo code "soundrider" or "SR!" when purchasing your tickets to get the discounted rate. Seeing this display is worth the price of admission alone.

Beginning in 2013 we will feature a different bike each month masterminded right here in the Northwest. The wilder the better.

See you at the show!


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