Used vs Hot Deal Bikes: Is it time to buy new?

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Used vs Hot Deal Bikes

Is it time to buy new?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a used bike, but you’re having a hard time finding the make and model you want, you’re not alone. Due to foreign purchases, the market has been zapped of good inventory. Dealers are doing all they can right now to keep their showrooms filled with used motorcycles, but it’s not easy.

Back in 2008 when the new bike market tanked, the amount of new non-current models available was at an all-time high. As dealers struggled to move bikes, units they had pre-ordered continued to roll in and the inventories rose. Deals were made between manufacturers and dealers to ease the pain, causing a new trend to develop that continues to this day – Hot Deal Bikes.

These are new units that are non-current models. In other words 2013, 2012 and lower.

Based on information available to us, most Japanese OEMs in the Pacific Northwest are holding 20-30% more Hot Deal Bike units in inventory than they have in used product.

We specify Japanese product, because this is not the case in the Euro bike market, where 2013 units are available, but to a lesser extent.

Thinking about getting a Harley? Some dealers are dry on non-currents, while others are picking them up and adding them to inventory as they can. Take for instance Eastside Harley, who at time of publication on this piece was holding as many non-currents as they were used units.

If a new non-current model satisfies you, you may be in for some big savings. Depending on the overall availability of the unit and manufacturer discount made to the dealers, you could save anywhere from 10-25% off the original suggested list price. On top of that, several dealers are offering no freight and setup charge.

Suppose you were looking for a sport bike or cruiser. There are hundreds of them available in the marketplace at great prices.

New riders can celebrate as there is a wide selection of 250s from Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha available. And if you’re a new rider, we’ve made it easy to locate the bikes that qualify as a better choice for a new rider, simply select “New Rider” when you pull down the “Type” drop-down on the Sound RIDER! site under our Hot Deal, or Used Bike pages.

Scooter buyers should look twice as well as there are some smoking deals out there on both small and maxi scoots.

In most cases these non-currents come with a full manufacturer warranty, which could save you some money down the road as opposed to being a newer used bike. And most of these units qualify for manufacturer financing options and incentives.

So, while your pocket book might be telling you you’ve only got enough money for a used bike, you may soon realize a new bike is in your future.

To browse over 500 Hot Deal bikes in the Pacific Northwest Click Here .

PT/June 2014

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