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Going solo in Issaquah

NW Poplar Way on the west end of Issaquah is a short frontage road that runs along the eastbound lanes of I-90. Over the years it has been home to several motorcycle shops including Eastside Harley-Davidson and more recently Waldron Kawasaki. Both have moved on, but wait a minute…

Eastside Harley-Davidson has had a number of store locations over the years. When the company bought Seattle Harley-Davidson (actually located in Lynnwood, Snohomish County - think Los Angeles Angels here…) they set out to do a big business in used bikes. And who better to head that venture up than Scott Moon, who had been doing big numbers in used bikes in the Eastside Harley-Davidson store in Bellevue.

Moon began commuting from his home in North Bend to Lynnwood each day, but the commute was killing him. After 19 years working for the Thompson family, he decided it was time to make a break and do something new. Well, sort of new…

In early 2015 Moon cobbled together some savings and with help from family  he took a lease on a property on NW Poplar Way in Issaquah and went to work for himself, launching Moon Motorcycles. With the help of friends and several pizza parties to complete the buildout, Moon swung the doors open in mid-February.

The store sells only used motorcycles. While there are a number of Harley-Davidson's for sale, you'll also find an assortment of Japanese and European motorcycles as well. On any given day you might see a Hayabusa, K1200LT, Japanese sport bikes and assorted dual sport mounts parked on the showroom floor.

"After 30 years in this business I have a lot of contacts from over the years. The amount of Harley's you see here reflects that, but others have brought in some other nice inventory" says Moon.

Things are just getting started as Moon hired one other staffer and is seeking out a part time tech.

Sellers can place bikes with the shop one of two ways. If all the numbers are right, Moon will outright purchase the bike. If not, sellers may be able to work out a consignment deal.

And it goes beyond the showroom floor. As part of the property lease there is a large warehouse out back where Moon will be able store additional bikes and is considering even a 'project bike' area where old beaters with clean titles are made available to interested buyers. This space could also lend itself to private gatherings and store events.

To say Scott Moon is a nice guy is something of an understatement. In fact, if you know him, you'd be hard pressed to come up with a name of someone who doesn't like him. His low-pressure, relaxed, matter-of-factual demeanor make him one of the most likable sales people to work in the current day Pacific Northwest motorcycle business.

So will that carry him into his maintaining a successful business for him and his family? Only time will tell.

Stop by and visit him at 2005 NW Poplar Way in Issaquah or call in to 425-985-1078. For more information and to see the current inventory, visit

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