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Bud Myers and company are thriving on Aurora Avenue

April 4, 2007, marks the 23rd anniversary of Seattle Cycle Center, but owner Bud Myers' history with the store goes back to 1974 - working at the location when it was Seattle Honda. "I've always had an interest in bikes since I was a kid," says Myers, who once left the motorcycle industry to work for the Snap On Tools franchise, but later returned.

Above: Bud Myers has a great place to store his pride and joy cruiser during inclement weather. Inside the store of course where the bike is used to showcase the latest luggage and accessories from the many manufacturers stocked inside Seattle Cycle Center

"In 1984 there was a distinct lack of a store with a broad selection of motorcycle accessories, so when the opportunity came up for the location I knew what gap I wanted to fill," he comments as we lunch at a nearby restaurant on Aurora. Myers says he liked the idea of going independent, rather than opening up a franchise motorcycle shop because it gave him much more flexibility to run his business. "I still enjoy coming into work everyday," he notes.

In The Store

When you're at Seattle Cycle Center, you'll find two floors of street and dirt accessories, including hundreds of gloves, helmets, jackets, pants, suits, glasses, goggles and other assorted clothing. No matter what your riding style is, Seattle Cycle Center carries a wide array of clothing and accessories. It's also a great place to find things for a older bikes, including specialty tires, batteries, parts and more.

After-market items such as lighting kits, bags and other add-ons are well stocked here, and what they don't have they can usually order and get quickly. Store manager Lisa Micone notes "The people on our staff all ride and have been here a long time. We like to provide top-level customer service. If we don't have what they need, we can special order it and have it here typically in just a few days."

Attached to the north side of the building is a service shop for basic and intermediate service needs and, of course, tire replacement. From simple oil changes for cruisers, commuters and sportbikes to top-end rebuilds for off-road bikes, the store is one of the few independent options in the Seattle market.

On The Web

Myers jumped both feet first into the web in the early 90s and has taken his business to an e-commerce model where anyone can buy products through his website. With, he now employs a full-time web master/order processor with good results. More recently the shop has initiated an email rewards program so that anyone on their email list earns 3% to 5% back on future purchases. As an incentive to build the list, Myers frequently holds contests for new subscribers to win top-rate gear such as an Arai helmet.

What you won't find for sale at Seattle Cycle Center is used motorcycles. Myers remains committed to being a one-stop shop for clothing and accessories needs and would rather not divide his staff's attention between selling gear and making a used bike deal.

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Seattle Cycle Center
10201 Aurora Ave. N. 
Seattle, Wash. 98133
206 524-0044 or outside Puget Sound 1-800-208-TIRE

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