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Famous Since the 20s?

Take yourself back to 1920, in the logging town of Aberdeen. Trains are hauling timber out, the car is still new and roadways are still being developed. It's also when Jeff Reiner's grandfather, Ed, opened a small jewelry and watch repair shop, which later became a pawn shop to handle the need for cash trades of the loggers and other workers in the area.  Little would anyone know the small business would sculpt itself a half century later into one of the largest single line Honda dealers in Washington State.

Above - the old South Sound Honda logo

In the early 1960's Honda was looking for stores to pick up it's line of fun and friendly motorcycles which it had begun introducing into the US in the late 50's.  Instead of opening up franchise agreements with purveyors of existing European and American motorcycle dealerships, Honda set out to open a network of dealers who were otherwise not in the motorcycle business just yet.  Garden shop and sporting goods stores had the demographic Honda was seeking as they developed a new market and buyer. 

In 1962 Reiner's Pawn was no longer a pawn shop, but a sporting goods shop run by Jeff's father, Marv, and a perfect target to sell Honda's line of new bikes from.  A deal was made and the Gray's Harbor region had it's own Honda motorcycle dealership.

In 1996 Jeff Reiner (right) brought on two seasoned partners  - Vicki and Dale Gray (below) and moved the dealership out of Aberdeen to Olympia.   Together the three of them built  one of the largest single line Honda dealerships in the state.

In 1996 Vicki Gray was a 10 year veteran of the motorcycle industry and had worked at various Honda dealers throughout the 80's and early 90's including Pt. Townsend Honda and The Brothers.  During her time at The Brothers she was accessories manager for 7 years.  But today Vicki takes on the role of General Manager at South Sound, a role unique to women in Puget Sound motorcycle business.  Her no nonsense, upbeat manner is a welcome style for their customers.  "Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We do sell FUN!!" says Vicki.

Dale Gray is legendary in the state performing authorized Honda service at dealerships all over Washington since the 1970's. Today he manages the service department.  Gray is hands on and it's not uncommon to walk into the service department finding him doing what he loves best – turning a wrench.  "Our service department works to exceed the expectations of our customers" comments Dale. The shop has a reputation for being a place where customers can talk directly to the person doing the work on their bike.

There have been changes over the years. The trio gave birth to South Bound Honda in 2014, and recently sold off the asset, focusing all their attention on the Olympia store. Over the years they've added Suzuki and Polaris to their offerings.

South Bound Honda
2115 Carriage St
Olympia, WA

TM/ Spring 2001, updated 2018

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